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Saving: It Works

My pile of savings has been steadily increasing over the last two and a half years, since deciding that a life in the office was an increasingly bleak prospect I began to financially engineer an escape. The omnipresent oppression of the corporate life hasn’t quite got me down yet, but when my knees finally buckle under its pressure I want… Read more »

Why Should you Bother Saving

This will be the first in a mini series, the ‘Why?’ series.  The first is simply to try and answer the question “why should I save”?  Not “should I invest?”, “should I pay off my mortgage or save?”, “is it worth hedging my investments with options?” or anything else complicated and convoluted.  Let’s take it back the basics, people. Simply, why… Read more »

An Arbitrage Machine

Imagine you had a perpetual arbitrage machine, a machine that would create risk free profits for you, forever.  It would nearly be as cool as a perpetual motion machine. You there at the back, with your hand up.  Come hither and speak.  What is arbitrage?  Well, Wikipedia defines it as; …an arbitrage is a transaction that involves no negative cash flow… Read more »

Just how do you calculate your savings rate?

Since I started up a savings and retirement blog, with a focus on early retirement and financial independence I have calculated my savings rate the same way.  Like The Rock lining up for a bare knuckle brawl with Danny DeVeto, I never gave it a second thought.  That was until, crying while cutting onions one evening, my mind drifted to… Read more »

The Zombie Factor

Mr Zombie   December 4, 2014   1 Comment on The Zombie Factor

Sunken eyes.  No sense of direction.  Shuffling along with the pack.  Then you are a Finance Zombie.   One of the horde, stumbling towards a minuscule state pension whilst keeping up with lifestyle inflation. I was one of these Finance Zombies, shackled to my desk, saving a bit here and there and looking towards quitting work at 65 (or what… Read more »

You skrimpy bastard

Part of the whole financial independence malarkay is gaining control of your spending.  Cutting down on the shit you don’t need.  The new golf clubs.  The new surfboard.  An Xbox One (yes please).  A new hobby. But not all the timeThere are certain things I won’t go cheap on. GlassesThese bad boys perch upon my face most days and a… Read more »