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Why Series: Why Track Your Networth

So, we have already considered the questions Why Save and Why Invest.  Now that you are saving hard and investing those savings, like some kind of Investment Mage, let’s have a look at the question: “Why track your Networth?”. But whoa! Easy there, pilgrim.  Before we gallivant off into the Networth sunset, we need to first figure out what in… Read more »

Net Worth calculation

I mentioned one of my goals for 2015 was Net Worth based, so just how do you calculate your Net Worth?  It’s really just your assets less your liabilities…simple right? There’s no one way to calculate it, here’s how I look at it. At a high level I look at the NW calculation in the same way as a company… Read more »

How much is healthy?

The startThis all started when I had a look a calculating Mrs Zombie’s and my Net Worth, more out of interest than a rare moment of maturity. The gods of uncertainty aligned and I stumbled across a couple of personal finance blogs not long after doing this.  They mentioned fantastic concepts like Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Passive Investing along with… Read more »