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Why Series: Why Invest?

Why Invest? To protect against inflation.

Before we consider the question, ‘Why Invest?’, let’s take a step back.  A little while back we had a little look at the question “Why Save?”.  I made some points and some readers came back with some even better points. Mrs Smelling Freedom noted that we should save “Because life is full of surprises, some sweet and others bitter, and… Read more »

Mr Zombie   September 25, 2014   1 Comment on

It’s time to get serious, I’m serialLike many in their late 20’s or early 30’s I’ve started a few times to look at retirement planning, creating multiple spreadsheets each more complicated and mind blowing than the last, but it always came to the same false crescendo…  I would stop looking at it after a couple of weeks, and then when… Read more »