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How stable does your Financial Independence bridge need to be?

After posting some thoughts on what my (or your) allocation should be between an ISA and a Pension there was bunch of constructive and thoughtful comments.  They kept me wondering about this Bridge to Financial Independence. While passers by were checking out a good looking lady or guy, while colleagues were discussing the latest sports results or while people were… Read more »

The Bridge to Financial Independence

Hey hey, it’s the weekend.  What better way to spend it than musing over how we allocate our savings between the two tax efficient vehicles on offer, then ISA or the Pension. If you are aiming to reach Financial Independence before you can get your hands on your pension, like I and many others are, then we need to consider what our… Read more »

So long, and thanks for all the overdraft

Spending money is easy, really easy.  But so is saving money, it’s a similar process, really.  Money leaves your current account and is used to purchase something or it flitters across the financial ether into a savings vehicle. My chosen savings vehicle The result of spending and saving completely different, but the mechanism for is essentially the same.  Saving doesn’t… Read more »

Financial Freedomium – buy back some time

Building a financial nugget large enough to gain your financial independence is all about time and freedom.  Freedom to make choices and having the time to pursue these choices. Time is a constant from the millionaires to the paupers (although perhaps not Doc Brown).  Building a significant financial nugget can’t stop time or generate more hours in the day but… Read more »