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Get Yerself a Present This Xmas

Fellow (and far better) blogger RIT reached Financial Independence this year. What better way to celebrate than by working even harder and writing a book 🙂 It’s called; From Zero to Financial Independence in less than 10 Years: Tools and techniques to escape the rat race quickly It’s available as an e-copy or a paper back. I’ve grabbed myself a… Read more »

The Zombie Factor

Mr Zombie   December 4, 2014   1 Comment on The Zombie Factor

Sunken eyes.  No sense of direction.  Shuffling along with the pack.  Then you are a Finance Zombie.   One of the horde, stumbling towards a minuscule state pension whilst keeping up with lifestyle inflation. I was one of these Finance Zombies, shackled to my desk, saving a bit here and there and looking towards quitting work at 65 (or what… Read more »