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Financial Independence RPG: Update

Gawd Dammit!  Somewhere in my unintended break from writing I crossed over a major threshold.  Oh yes, that’s right, I levelled up in the FI RPG. My continued savings efforts have rewarded by an upgrade from Level 2: A Finance Barbarian, to Level 3: A Thrift Warrior.  How awesome. And what exactly is a thrift warrior? You have replaced the financial head butts… Read more »

Financial Independence RPG – Level 2…Achieved

A little while back I did a juvenile post called the Financial Independence RPG, I enjoyed it. It seems, since that post, I have levelled up.  Happy days, I am now at level 2, A Finance Barbarian. “Getting to grips with this whole personal finance thing.  Your tools might be a bit basic and approach heavy handed, but my my… Read more »