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Savings Diary: August 2017 Update – Volatile

Blimey, it’s been over two weeks since my last post.  I’ve drafted about 6 posts, finished none and posted none.  Oh well, among all that inefficiency I have carried on my weekly habit of updating a spreadsheet that tracks my spending and NetWorth. <Repetition Alert> The most important of these goals is my savings rate. For the last couple of years I’ve… Read more »

Savings Diary: June 2017 Update – What a Cracker

I managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks off work last month.  Most of it was spent at home, fixing up some old reclaimed Victorian doors and hanging them, playing video games and just relaxing.  An introduction to Financial Independence. At the time of starting to write this is, it’s been less than a week since returning to and… Read more »