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June 2016 – NetWorth and Savings Rate Update – A peak reached?

Dear Savings Diary… Another month rolls on, I saved some money and the world inched forwards.  Well, maybe it inched backwards following the Brexit result.  Sad times indeed, but as The Escape Artist points out the world continues and it’s not the coming of the Fourth Reich. Indeed, it seemed to have a positive impact on many people’s NetWorth, if we… Read more »

May 2016 – Networth and Savings Rate Update – Climbing

Dear Savings Diary… The weather is heating up a treat, enough to have spent some time out on the bike, spinning out some nice 50+ milers at the weekend and even a couple of cheeky 30 milers before work. Roll on Sunday and the NetWorth spreadsheet is opened up and methodically updated to the background noise of some good music.  As… Read more »

April 2016 – NetWorth and savings rate update – Pain lingers

Savings Diary

Hey hey financial voyeurs, its monthly NetWorth and Savings rate update time.  A savings diary, you might say.  Dear Diary… April was pretty much spent at my actual wedding and then the following honeymoon, which was largely spent in San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.  Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ for Yosemite?  Spending a few days in a cabin in Yosemite… Read more »

February 2016 Update: Some time off and cray-cray markets

I set myself some goals at the start of the year, to entice myself towards this over-arching destination.  Trying to aim for just a single goal, potentially a decade off, will have painfully slow incremental progress.  Which will only be demotivating.  In the mean time, a few smaller mini-goals will hopefully keep me focused and motivated. I’m back from a week… Read more »

January 2016 Update

Mr Zombie   February 3, 2016   2 Comments on January 2016 Update

I do like pulling together these monthly updates.  It’s a chance to reflect on the past 30 or so days and make sure I’m in check against my long term goals.  The over-riding goal being “Financial Independence”, the point at which work becomes optional.  Either when passive income (e.g. from dividends/interest) is in excess of expenses, or when 4% of… Read more »

The Finance Zombie’s Absolutely Smashing 2016 Goals

After rounding up my 2015 goals, it’s time to set some brand spanking new ones for 2016.  They should be achievable, simple and challenging, or my sporadic mind will begin to wander.Goal 1 – Savings rateWe have more control over our savings rates than our Networth, try as I might the market won’t listen to my meditation, chanting and sacrificing… Read more »