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Mr Zombie   July 31, 2017   21 Comments on Forons

The financial side of my brain has been programmed over the last few years to make quick and beneficiary financial decisions (at least in the sense that they aid my quest for financial independence). Sure, there are some circumstances that require deeper thought, a bit of prodding about inside my grey matter,to come up with a sound decision.  But for… Read more »

Safe Withdrawal Rate Experiment – Month 31 – June 2017

<Introduction> So I’ve been running an experimental portfolio for, blimey, nearly two and a half years now.  The idea was to start with a fund of £625k and then withdraw 4% annually, in monthly instalments, just to see what happens.  The would give someone £25,000 a year to live off. Historic investigations concluded that a 4% withdrawal rate gives a reasonable… Read more »

Savings Diary: June 2017 Update – What a Cracker

I managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks off work last month.  Most of it was spent at home, fixing up some old reclaimed Victorian doors and hanging them, playing video games and just relaxing.  An introduction to Financial Independence. At the time of starting to write this is, it’s been less than a week since returning to and… Read more »