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A Rough Life

Mr Zombie   June 20, 2017   11 Comments on A Rough Life

He is awoken from slumber by a repetitive beeping.  Rolling over, he silences the alarm for exactly ten minutes.  He’s tired. 10 peaceful minutes pass, then he climbs out from a warm cocoon made of blanket and mattress to an indoor atmosphere, perfectly heated to a cosy 21 degrees celsius.  Swings his bare feet onto plush carpet and yawns.  Another… Read more »

Safe Withdrawal Rate Experiment – Month 30 – June 2017

So I’ve been running an experimental portfolio for, blimey, nearly two and a half years now.  The idea was to start with a fund of £625k and then withdraw 4% annually, in monthly instalments, just to see what happens.  The would give someone £25,000 a year to live off. Historic investigations concluded that a 4% withdrawal rate gives a reasonable chance… Read more »