Escape from the Hive Mind

Hey!  You there.

Where you off to?  I’m not dead.  Don’t be like that, it was just an unintended 3 month hiatus from writing.  Work took over, you see.  But that’s the point of all this saving, isn’t it.  To stop the shackles of The Corporate Beast being attached so tightly.

Wake, Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat

Work was punishing over the last few months, leaving me little mental capacity to do more than eat some food and roll about on the carpet in the evenings.  Combined with getting in the pool most mornings before work and also training at lunch times (to avoid any tepid work chatter) left me shattered.

Yet underneath all that mundanity the creature of habit carried on with my (relavtively) recently learned savings practices.

Beasts deep within my subconcious made sure that my spending was considered to some set of automatic algorithms that my concious is blissfully unaware of.  So despite working harder than I have ever done, whilst exercising far too much, my savings has quietly ticked along.

Habit keeping it ticking over

Habit keeping it ticking over

The actual numbers don’t matter yet, I’ll pull together a proper update so we can see where the last few months has got me.  For now what’s important is that things have creeped along very nicely, thank you very much.

Habitual Levitations

The last couple of years of saving now mean that my default is saving rather than spending.

Yet, naughty habits can still sneak up on you.  A few weeks back I found myself slipping into the habit of buying a coffee from the work cafeteria every day.  After chuckling at my stupidity I hopped the office safety barrier and trotted to the local corner store and bought a jar of coffee for £3.

Thankfully I had only slipped into this habit for a couple of weeks and it only cost me £12 or so.  Not thousands like those poor fuckers who suffer from the Latte Factor their entire lives…if you buy into that sort of thing.

Listen to the hive mind

Habits can be good.  They can also be nasty buggers.

The past three months have absolutely screamed passed.  I guess that’s what happens when you spend your days hunched over a desk, deep in concentration for hours on end and repeating ad infinitum.  Habit had me working longer hours.

That’s stopped for now.  This evening I left on time, cooked dinner, went for a walk with Mrs Z and then typed some shit into the expanse of the web for you to read.

Working for a MegaCorp can be all consuming if you’re not careful.  And we should be careful, work isn’t life, it isn’t happiness.

So I need to get back into the positive habit of writing this here blog.

Mr Z

13 thoughts on “Escape from the Hive Mind

  1. FIREin' London

    Hi Mr. Z,

    Welcome back, we missed you! 🙂

    Glad to see you crushed the desire to buy coffee promptly – I have been lucky (probably because I just drink black coffee!), but I have never got to the point of buying the stuff on any regular basis, simply as its often over £2 for a crap cup 🙂

    I’ve found over the years I dont mind putting in the hours during the week (regularly done 80+ hours a week), provided I can keep the weekends free. That also hasn’t always worked and I have worked a fair number of weekends (I would guess on average some work for at least 25% of my weekends), but I believe that is why I am where I am now, and able to take the salary I do – sacrificing my early human capital for my freedom 🙂

    Keep plugging away and as long as those savings are on autopilot then at least the networth and freedom will continue to line up for you 🙂


    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks FIL,
      It’s a good point you raise, putting in the hard work at some point should allow us to ease off later on (if we like). I don’t mind it sometimes, but nearing 3 months straight was starting to drag!
      Mr Z

  2. JoeCrystal

    Your email post came as a very welcome and pleasant surprise. Like others, I thought a great amusing writer no longer want to post again. 🙂 Will look forward to next post in due course.

    Again, welcome back!

  3. theFIREstarter

    Yea you’re back! 🙂

    FWIW the last 3 months has flown by in the world of not working all hours as well but I’m sure that may have been slightly more enjoyable.

    One silver lining I used to find when working lots is that I’d actually spend less because there was no time to do fun activities (lol) and look for shit to blow your wedge on down the shops or online.

    Glad to hear you made ample time for keeping fit as that is often the first thing to go when people are busy.

    And at least you’re back with a bang just as the night’s are getting lighter and weather getting better, would have been much worse to lose 3 months of summer to the man imo!


    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      True! Working like a maniac can have it’s benefits.

      tbh it’s probably why I left this unattended for a while! I’ve ended up swimming before work to make sure I get something done…but that’s when I did most of my writing…time for a replan.

      Mr Z

  4. Steve

    Really glad to see you’re back! I toyed with posting an ‘Are you OK?’ comment on the last post but I figured if the s*** had really hit the fan in your personal life the last thing you’d want is internet strangers prodding you…

    Congratulations on the automatic savings habit and I look forward to some more updates!

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks Steve! 🙂

      Yeah, just work taking over I’m afraid. Back to normal now, with more focus than before!

      Mr Z


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