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Why hello, Savings Diary…

November was a spendy month in comparison to prior months, so I begin this NetWorth update with a little bit of trepidation and by delaying the inevitable a little bit.

When you run a website, you get access to all the behind the scene details.  Things like the number of malicious logon attempts, 7,637 last month, or the number of visitors to your site.  While having a casual browse of my site stats I found something a little curious.

It resided within data showing what users had searched in google to arrive at my page.  More and more of this is moving into the “not provided” category, meaning it is becoming a bit useless.  Still, there were a couple of interesting searches over the last week or so;

Some interesting folk out there

Some interesting folk out there

I dearly hope I provided the information that the user searching for ‘budget suplex’ was after.  I suspect the user looking for the last search term left a little frustrated.

The first goal for 2016 is to try and hit an average savings rate of 60% across the year.  Doesn’t look like I’m going to make it, but it’ll be close.

Like most of you, the majority of my savings each month are made up from pension contributions and monthly ISA contributions.  I also contribute the maximum I can into a share options scheme with my employer, because it’s too good to miss.

The last four months savings rate were all about 70%.  A stonking third of a year right there.  Sadly it didn’t rain savings in November, spending reigned and my savings rate dropped to 55% 🙁

Fallen away from 70%

Fallen away from 70%

Prepaying for a holiday in Febraury hurt the cash flow this month, and the saving rate suffered for it.  Time to tighten the purse strings.  Family members can have a voucher for an hour long conversation with me for Christmas.  And they better be grateful.

Target: 60% savings rate

Year to Date average: 53.42% FAIL 

In month: 55.0% PASS

My second goal is centred around growing my NetWorth.

NetWorth growth, in the early accumulation years, will be primarily impacted by my Savings Rate, i.e. my first goal. Mr Market will try to have his wicked way with things as well, but until savings become more substantial, market movements will have less of an impact compared to me piling in hard earned cash each month.

Tracking NetWorth is my ‘savings diary’, and it will ultimately help me decide when the time has come to change employment.  Be that to early retiree or into another career with the supple and supportive cushion of a weighty NetWorth.

My goal for 2016 is to increase my NetWorth by 45%, and I don’t include my home for the purpose of this goal.

To be on track I needed to increase NetWorth by 40.58% from the start of the year to the end of November.  Didn’t hit my savings rate goal, but I still saw an increase of 44.85% to the end of November.  Just 0.15% and I’m there 🙂

Finance Zombie - Savings Diary

Still climbing thanks to keeping that savings rate high

My savings rate wasn’t as high as it has been, pesky life getting in the way, but it’s still positive and NetWorth continues it’s upward trajectory.

Only another 0.15% to go and I’ve hit my goal for the year, barring a brutal December I should  hit my target of growing NetWorth by 45% for the year.

Target: Annual 45% increase in NetWorth.

Actual: Annualised projected growth of 49.8%.

Result: PASS

Goal three is simply to overpay the mortgage each month.

Mrs Z and I carried on overpaying the mortgage this month, £250 each.

Target: Overpay mortgage each month.

Actual: £250 overpayment each.

Result: PASS

Keep on saving people, FI is just around the corner.  Admittedly the corner is a few years away…

All of my prior months updates are here, if you just.  Need.  More!

Spend Less, Save More & Escape the Horde

Mr Z

14 thoughts on “November 2016 – NetWorth and Savings Rate Update – Spendy McSpendFace

  1. theFIREstarter

    Haha well I opened this to make myself feel better about my negative savings rate only to see your shit month is better than most of my good months.

    So keep that chin well and truly up mate! (I know it’s hard being a zombie and likely having a dislocated face)

    All the best for Christmas and new year to you and Mrs Z!

    Oh and I was recently on page 1 on google for the term “fat naked lady” hah!

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Haha good work on being so high up on Google. Yeah the title was over amped a bit 🙂 Your header to you last post was a bit more honest!

      Same you you both. Have a frugal Xmas 😀

  2. Mick

    Have a fabulous and not too frugal Christmas sir.
    Quick question, and apologies if it is obvious (!), but presumably net worth includes the current valuation of all pension and ISA pots?
    Cheers, Mick

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thank you kind sir. Same to you. Yeah it includes current market values of pension and ISA. But no house equity. Mr Z

  3. RetirementInvestingToday

    Nice work on keeping that net worth heading high and right at a rapid rate Mr Z. A man after my own heart. Remind me again is your savings rate based on gross or net income?

    Wishing Family Z a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks RIT. It’s net (but income is scaled for anything extra, eg employer contributions to not inflate savings rate overly)

  4. FIREin' London

    Hi Mr. Z,

    So your bad November is still higher than anything I have achieved, so I wouldnt feel too bad about it, but I can understand the frustration of the drop when you have done so well so far!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year, and look forward to seeing that NetWorth graph continue to tick up!

    FIREin’ London

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks FiL. I was expecting it to be worse but I did have a bit of late income from some old eBay sales that got locked up in PayPal for a bit that helped.

      Same to you! Hopefully Santa will bring us even more frugal skills and earnings for Christmas

      Mr Z

  5. SirGordalot


    Thanks for the update. I’m fairly new to the FI game and can see that savings rate is important. I know that the important thing is the actual saving, rather than the percentage its expressed as, but I wondered how you calculated yours. It’s just that a few people have different methods (Firestarter has an in depth post on this), and it can get a bit complicated with pension contributions etc, so I wondered what your approach was.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Norm

    Check out Google Webmaster Tools. When I use Google Analytics, it does the same thing, hiding all of the search terms. For some reason under Webmaster Tools->Search Traffic->Search Analytics, I can see all the terms. Pretty enlightening stuff. My first 100 results are variations on the same three or four topics, then you get into the weird terms people searched for, my site was a result for, but no one clicked on.


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