Monthly Archives: August 2016

Salary – the most addictive drug?

Look around you, nearly everyone is addicted.  Your co-workers, your friends, your family, hot-fucking-dam maybe even you are.  Addicted to that monthly high. Most are going through the same monthly pattern, an oscillation determined by the corporate diary.  Towards the end of the month the Horde show restraint shown out of necessity and spending is curbed.  But there’s something fizzing… Read more »

Safe Withdrawal Rate Experiment – Month 19 – July 2016

It’s been a busy July for poor old Mr Zombie at work in this universe, but Mr Zombie in parallel universe number one just continues to live off his portfolio;  The standard recap We are now 19 months into my experiment, where Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio. It will hopefully give… Read more »

July 2016 – NetWorth and Savings Rate Update – Habits

Dear Savings Diary… As I hinted at in an earlier post I’ve been crazily busy with work which has left precious little time for anything other than my normal half hour spent at the weekends updating my NetWorth spreadsheet. I must apologise for not responding to any comments that people have left on this blog, but alas when free time… Read more »