Monthly Archives: March 2016

A tale of two graphs

Today, how about a couple of simple graphs.  Starting with; On the x-axis the percentage of your income saved. On the y-axis how long you would be able to take off work for each year of saving.  Or to make it easier Years-Saved-per-Year-of-Saving (“YSpYoS”).  YSpYoS =  % of income saved / (1-% of income saved) The graph is really just Y =… Read more »

My favourite three letter wording ending with x

Marginal Tax impacts - Pension

**I started writing this a while ago – the tax bands will be out of date quite quick.  The principles still apply though** Whilst doing some weights a while ago I strained my back.  This left me hobbling about and generally not able to do much, not even ride my trusty steed to the shop for groceries. With so much pent up… Read more »

Withdrawal experiment – Month 14 – February 2016 – Capitalism didn’t collapse!

Ah sunny Saturday mornings.  The perfect time to draw the curtains and tap some shit into Excel and then WordPress 🙂  (EDIT:  Mr Z ended up in the sunshine for a couple of hours sanding bits of wood, restoring an old metal crate from the 1940s, scraping his knuckles, swearing and having a good time) I start this post just… Read more »

February 2016 Update: Some time off and cray-cray markets

I set myself some goals at the start of the year, to entice myself towards this over-arching destination.  Trying to aim for just a single goal, potentially a decade off, will have painfully slow incremental progress.  Which will only be demotivating.  In the mean time, a few smaller mini-goals will hopefully keep me focused and motivated. I’m back from a week… Read more »