Unexpected Motivation #6: FIRE close to home

I love some unexpected motivation.  It comes screaming in from the blindside and clatters direct into your brain, no time to for you to consciously prepare or analyse the data.  It’s just there.

It ricochets about your skull, recharging your every atom in your body, invigorating the Motivational-Nuclei .  A dreary day suddenly becomes beautiful, a tough project becomes and interesting one and you walk with a bounce in your step.  And that’s not just the limp.

The motivation tank has been refuelled once again, hell, it might have even sprung a leak as it’s been over filled.


Yesterday’s unexpected motivation was a right treat.  There was a guy that used to contract where I currently move numbers about in Excel work, he was a consultant contractor and would have been on a handsome day rate.

His contract came to an end and he disappeared into the ether, another project body that had reached the end of his usefulness to Uber-Mega Corporation.

Someone bumped into him the other day and the conversation went a little like this (I imagine);

Mr Permie : “Hey Mr Contractor, how’s it going?”

Mr Contractor : “Not bad Mr Permie, not bad at all.  Thanks for asking.”

Mr Permie, with a smirk : “So, what you up to?  Still working all those hours consultant contractors have to?  Ho-Ho-Ho”

Mr Contractor : “Not much, I decided to retire for a bit.  Now I’m fixing up houses in my spare time.”

Mr Jealous Permie : “But….what…how…you’re only 34!”

Mr Early Retired Contractor : “Yes I am….yes I am.  You have a good day now!”  *Pats Mr Permie on head*

Wow!  A real life FIRE story, right under my nose.  Being so close to home, it feels more real and hence even more achievable.  Whilst there’s plenty of gals and guys out there on t’internet that have done it. having someone at the same company you work at do it is something else.

Hopefully he left some special essence behind, some early retirement fairy dust that I can roll in like a Labrador rolling in a cow pat.

As the news spreads there will be a bitter air of disbelief, “He must have a trust fund“, “His poor deprived children“, “His wife must be loaded“, “What a liar“, “I heard he killed a guy” etc.  I will just smile and tip my hat to him whilst holding back replying with “No, Mr/Mrs Asshat.  Remember whilst you were eating in the cafe he was eating his home made sandwiches.  And whilst you drove to work he walked 40 minutes each way everyday.  Whilst you took holidays in the Alps, he took his family on adventures in the local vicinity.  When you spent 5 minutes queueing for a coffee downstairs he spent 2 minutes actually making his own upstairs using the ‘kettle’.  The little things really do add up.

I have the utmost respect for the quiet and mystical exit he made, no song and dance, no arrogance, perhaps just a punch in the air as he left the office for the last time.  I hear he’s stopped paying his professional subscription fees and has no intention of returning to the industry.

Respect is due once again for the commitment and foregoing the substantial earnings he would have been making as a consultant contractor in exchange for happiness and more time with his family.

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8 thoughts on “Unexpected Motivation #6: FIRE close to home

  1. JoeCrystal

    Your post just brighten my day up. 🙂 Quite funny to read and I can just picture the scene in my head. 🙂

  2. Bloodbuzz

    “Hopefully he left some special essence behind, some early retirement fairy dust that I can roll in like a Labrador rolling in a cow pat.”
    Its stuff like this which is why yours is my favourite finance blog 😀

  3. Mortimer

    This is great–real encounters of the FIRE kind! What fun to watch him head out like that, and wonderful motivation for you. I hope I have the luxury of seeing it at my office one day!

  4. Mrs ETT

    The FI/RE community needs to invent a secret symbol/handshake/nudge nudge wink wink/zombie moan so we can recognise fellow zombies trying to break free from the Hoard. Nothing extravagant, just a quiet acknowledgement of a similar goal. Do you think knowing that this guy was on his way to FI while he was still working there would have made any difference to you?


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