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An Arbitrage Machine

Imagine you had a perpetual arbitrage machine, a machine that would create risk free profits for you, forever.  It would nearly be as cool as a perpetual motion machine. You there at the back, with your hand up.  Come hither and speak.  What is arbitrage?  Well, Wikipedia defines it as; …an arbitrage is a transaction that involves no negative cash flow… Read more »

Unexpected Motivation #6: FIRE close to home

I love some unexpected motivation.  It comes screaming in from the blindside and clatters direct into your brain, no time to for you to consciously prepare or analyse the data.  It’s just there. It ricochets about your skull, recharging your every atom in your body, invigorating the Motivational-Nuclei .  A dreary day suddenly becomes beautiful, a tough project becomes and interesting… Read more »

January 2016 Update

Mr Zombie   February 3, 2016   2 Comments on January 2016 Update

I do like pulling together these monthly updates.  It’s a chance to reflect on the past 30 or so days and make sure I’m in check against my long term goals.  The over-riding goal being “Financial Independence”, the point at which work becomes optional.  Either when passive income (e.g. from dividends/interest) is in excess of expenses, or when 4% of… Read more »