An exciting transfer from blogger to WordPress

It looks like it’s transferred across to WP now (w00t).


Just need to get the layout and theme and whatever else sorted out.  It looks a little bit, *ahem*, shite at the moment.  So I expect it will keep on changing for the next few days.

The transfer across from Blogger to WP went remarkably smoothly, following this guide (although I did have to manually copy the pages across).

There is still plenty to do, all the plug-ins and widgets etc are new to me.  I know a few of the links don’t work and some of the comments look a bit odd. There’s also a couple of things I couldn’t sort out;

1 – importing my email list to the standard WordPress jetpack one.

2 – setting up a blog list like I used to have (with a list that updated when the underlying blog was updated).  Anyone know if this is possible in WordPress?

It’s all very exciting.  But I must go and sand some wood now.  The work of a zombie is never done.


9 thoughts on “An exciting transfer from blogger to WordPress

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks Luke – imagine it will change a lot over the next few days.

      Yeah it is, and it doesn’t look like there is anything similar for wordpress, at least as far as I can see…

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      Me too – it’s the wrong size though! I’m going to see if I can do something as it was amazing.

  1. weenie

    Know what you mean about the updated posts thing from your blog roll – I really miss mine too as it was very handy.

    There is one for WP, TheFirestarter has one on his blog but when I downloaded it, there were loads of errors and incompatibility issues with the latest version of WP. TFS is still on an old version of WP, hence it still works.

    And yay, your zombie face is back! 😀

  2. Getting Fired

    Looking good Mr Z. Make sure you set up your security plugins as wordpress is notorious for loopholes and hacking.

    I use TFS’s site daily for his blogroll – a very handy feature indeed.

    1. Mr Zombie Post author

      Hi getting fired – thanks for the heads up. Just had a look now and installed a couple of things.

      It’s a shame they seem to have stopped doing it for WP…


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