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Withdrawal experiment – Month 13 – January 2016

Whoa!  We are at the end of January already, 2016 is chugging along at quite a pace.  With the month finishing on Sunday I decided to get ahead of myself by updating the numbers for this on Friday with a couple of beers.  Then I broke everything.  A Saturday morning  rattling through the numbers and everything was working again.  Blimey,… Read more »

The power of thinking about one thing

A while back my head was all over the place.  It’s as if there was a monolithic inverted pyramid perched atop my cranium, jam packed with ideas and thoughts that were trying to filter their way into my head.  Thing is, it reached critical flow, my thoughts were becoming choked. Ideas began duelling to the death for attention at the small opening into my… Read more »

An exciting transfer from blogger to WordPress

It looks like it’s transferred across to WP now (w00t). Just need to get the layout and theme and whatever else sorted out.  It looks a little bit, *ahem*, shite at the moment.  So I expect it will keep on changing for the next few days. The transfer across from Blogger to WP went remarkably smoothly, following this guide (although… Read more »

Traditional retirement projections are f**king with your mind, man

An excessive and far out title, but not too far from the truth.  The typical retirement illustration might go something like; Mr Zombie, you are a fine upstanding fellow.  Why not invest in our absolutely cracking defined contribution pension plan.  If you start at 25 years old, with a salary of £50k and put away 5% of your income each… Read more »

Dealing with regret

Mr Zombie   January 19, 2016   4 Comments on Dealing with regret

Regret is a bastard and hind sight is 20/20. These are the type of things that someone who put their back out at the gym today might say.  That someone is me. I was feeling good, whacked on another 10kg of plates and went for personal best deadlift.  (A laughable personal best by meat-head standards, but it’s my personal best… Read more »

All I wanted for Christmas was the corrosion of conformity

I was at a Christmas lunch a few weeks back*, chatting away to temporary lunch neighbours and talk eventually went the way of work.  Turned out two of them really hated their jobs and also struggled with money from month to month. My Frugal-Zombie senses had already tingled, picking up on Apple watches and earlier talk of how expensive car… Read more »

Two Options

Mr Zombie   January 12, 2016   10 Comments on Two Options

There’s been a bit of feisty action in the markets recently.  Hmmmm, what to do?Option 1 – PANIC With recent headlines like “FTSE100 continues to fall”, “Stock market turmoil….FTSE loses £30bn”, “FTSE hits 3 year low…” and “FTSE100 crashes after China meltdown – is it another 2008…” Look at all those scary words. From Ah gawwddd, the world’s heading… Read more »

SWR 4%: An ongoing thought experiment – A year in

Happy New Year!  Hope you are all planning on a 2016 of saving, investing and living more intentionally.    The standard recap Back to the beginning.  We are now eleven months into the experiment where Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio and just a little experiment, hopefully giving some insight on… Read more »