Monthly Archives: November 2015

Unexpected Motivation – Secret Frugality

Only a quick post.  It seems that my aversion to Black Friday has increased from a cold to flu, I literally am allergic to rancid festivals of consumerism. My aversion has it’s good points, making me able to save more than I spend.  But the downside is having a streaming nose whilst simultaneously shivering and sweating. Maybe it’s just a… Read more »

The savings speed bump and the spending paradox

What timing, Black Friday and an article about Expenses 🙂 Last summer, Mr Z was cruising the internet at lunch, looking for an idea of how much he needed to save for a comfortable retirement. “I’m miles ahead of the curve.”  He thought to himself smugly and uttered a deeply disturbing chuckle, rattling the more timid fellow cubicle rats. “With… Read more »

The Bridge to Financial Independence

Hey hey, it’s the weekend.  What better way to spend it than musing over how we allocate our savings between the two tax efficient vehicles on offer, then ISA or the Pension. If you are aiming to reach Financial Independence before you can get your hands on your pension, like I and many others are, then we need to consider what our… Read more »

SWR 4%: An ongoing thought experiment – October Update

Hope you all are having a great Monday, and not hung over like myself.  Turns out a Sunday night gig wasn’t a good plan.  Still, there’s not many things like a sweaty hardcore punk gig in a small local venue to keep you on your toes, and it’s nothing that a bit of camomile tea and spreadsheet work won’t fix…. Read more »

Financial Independence RPG – Level 2…Achieved

A little while back I did a juvenile post called the Financial Independence RPG, I enjoyed it. It seems, since that post, I have levelled up.  Happy days, I am now at level 2, A Finance Barbarian. “Getting to grips with this whole personal finance thing.  Your tools might be a bit basic and approach heavy handed, but my my… Read more »