Unexpected motivation: The heart and the brain in Personal Finance

During an exploratory session of the internet a couple of days ago I came across an excellent web-based comic at awkward yeti, which you may have seen before.  It was lovely and inspiring.

It has the brain as the ever cynical part of our personality, evaluating each decision with wisdom, knowledge and a nice chunk of self-doubt and self-deprecation.  The heart, on the other ventricle, is the happy go lucky chap that lives in the now, could not give a shit about the future, generally gets carried away with things and seems to lack any kind of foresight.
The poor brain does come across as a bit of a dry, turgid fella.  I like his style.
Here’s a couple of them, but you should go check out the comic, it’s very very good.  Some of them even have a nod towards finance.
 Awkward Yeti
Via Awkward Yeti
 Awkward Yeti
Via Awkward Yeti
Could it be the logical side of the brain that really drives the few individuals towards Financial Independence?  An inkling towards analysis, data, graphs that trend upwards and a healthy does of pessimism might be the right ingredients to make Financial Independence seem better than sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.  Giving them the power to control the loose cannon that is the heart, stamping out irrelevant spending, trusting the law of large numbers and approaching things with logic, bereft of emotion.  
Or does the heart have the brain hog-tied and gagged in the basement?  And has gone charging off into the sunset, with only the focus of purpose that single mindedness can bring.  Skipping away with a sly grin, off on an adventure, destination Financial Independence, population too-fucking-few.  The care-free entity enjoying the spy-like discreetness of saving whilst the Horde are spending, the battle against substantial odds and of course a cheeky middle finger to the world of blind consumption.
A combination of both, perhaps?  
There’s no denying, the heart in the comic is a bit of a hero…I also like the hearts style.

I had drafted out a whole article on the ‘brain’ and ‘heart’ and their roles in personal finance and Financial Independence.  But your task for today is to read the comic strips, relax, roll on the floor laughing (kudos if you are reading this from a toilet seat) and forget about asset allocations and savings rates for a couple of hours.  Go now, be free.

[Images are the copyright of awkardyeti]

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10 thoughts on “Unexpected motivation: The heart and the brain in Personal Finance

  1. Neverland

    You assume that there is one person in a household in reality there usually at least two and its unusual for them to have the same personality traits, e.g. two brains in your webcomic

  2. weenie

    Wow M – I wish I'd done a BA and dissertation on comics, would have been in my element!

    Not come across awkward yeti before – thanks for highlighting, Mr Z!

  3. DP @ Someday Extraordinary

    Have you read Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow"? He puts some psychology and theory behind this way of thinking with what he calls a system 1 and system 2. System 1 is the heart – jumps to conclusions, gravitates towards what feels right. System 2 is the brain – the logical, reasoning side. Anyway, it reminded me a bit of the comic strip and your article. Good read!



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