Monthly Archives: October 2015

Your Networth, your mortgage, interest rate risk and Boris Johnson

There can be heated debate around whether or not you should include your residential property and mortgage in your Net Worth calculation.  As heated as it gets in the Personal Finance world. Some Personal Finance bloggers brawling over the proper way to do a Net Worth calculation.   I do two calculations, one with and one without.  Including it inflates… Read more »

So long, and thanks for all the overdraft

Spending money is easy, really easy.  But so is saving money, it’s a similar process, really.  Money leaves your current account and is used to purchase something or it flitters across the financial ether into a savings vehicle. My chosen savings vehicle The result of spending and saving completely different, but the mechanism for is essentially the same.  Saving doesn’t… Read more »

SWR 4%: An ongoing thought experiment – September Update

The standard recap Back to the beginning.  It’s now a whole nine months into the experiment where Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio and just a little experiment, hopefully giving some insight on what it would actually be like through the ups and downs of living off an investment portfolio.  Nothing… Read more »

Unexpected motivation: The heart and the brain in Personal Finance

During an exploratory session of the internet a couple of days ago I came across an excellent web-based comic at awkward yeti, which you may have seen before.  It was lovely and inspiring. It has the brain as the ever cynical part of our personality, evaluating each decision with wisdom, knowledge and a nice chunk of self-doubt and self-deprecation.  The heart,… Read more »