I am a simplteon

Mr Zombie   August 29, 2015   10 Comments on I am a simplteon

Plenty of things in life seem complicated, but can be stripped back and made pretty simple.

Staying healthy?  A huge part of this is eating right and exercising.  We all know this.  And end up over complicating things.  People jump from one diet or health fad to the next whilst burning through money using personal trainers or going to exercise classes.

Replace your new celebrity endorsed diet of eating only beetroot, cabbage and chicken hearts with a nice diversified one.  Eat a burger every now and then, eat a salad every now and then, eat some fish every now and then and have some fucking cake and eat it.

You don’t need a personal trainer calling you a maggot three times a week to stay fit, just a wee smidgen of motivation and a bit of cunning.  Walk to work, take the stairs or walk into town instead of getting the bus.  Do what you enjoy, just because every other smeghead is doing Cross-Fit doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  You don’t need to be doing anything special or complicated for exercise to work, you just need to be exercising.  

It’s the same for saving and investing.  It feels like it should be complicated and you certainly can make it so.  It doesn’t have to be though.  Have a look at your expenses, cut back on the crap and save the rest.  Invest in some low cost trackers to grab some of that sweet & sexy risk premium on equities that gets us all hot under the collar.  If you don’t want to spend the time picking individual shares, don’t feel stupid or embarrassed by it, stick with your simple approach.  Choose an asset mix and stick to it.  Do that and you’ll be ahead of all the consumer Zombies out there.

It will feel simple, too simple, so simple you will feel like a simpleton.  But that’s a good start.

I’m an investing simpleton and proud.

Mr Z

10 thoughts on “I am a simplteon

  1. Living cheap in London

    Yep that's the plan…. the few individual stocks i have picked have been so varied in their successes & failures i know it's just not worth me trying that any more. I don't want to spend time researching companies & reading charts etc…. better to be catatonic with some Vanguard funds & get back out & enjoy life.

  2. Mr Zombie

    That's my view πŸ™‚

    If choosing stocks keeps you interested then it's a good thing, as you'll be better off than otherwise. Else it seems a huge ask to come out on top!

  3. London Rob

    I have to say there is something nice and easy with the no research and just throw it at the tracker option! I personally enjoy the research and the companies so I have a mix of companies and Investment Trusts and Funds. Having learnt the hard way that the "Get Rich Quick Penny Shares" aren't anywhere near as good as the buy and hold I am reducing my exposure to those although sometimes I can't resist – its my version of the lottery πŸ™‚

  4. weenie

    Nice post, Mr Z. I'm pretty comfortable and happy with the bulk of my money in simple trackers and a bit for me to do a bit of active investing with shares, p2p and investment trusts. I couldn't go the whole way with the latter though few though – that would be leading to sleepless nights!

  5. FIbrarian

    Well said Mr Z.

    I've only been invested for around a year and have never known anything other than stocks going up so part of me always wondered how I'd handle seeing my ISA dwindle on paper. Happily though the "stay the course" mantra drilled in by you and so many others appears to have stuck and I find I'm causally blasΓ© about what's happening in the markets at the moment.

  6. Mr Zombie

    @London Rob – exactly why I have avoided penny shares! The temptation would likely be too much for me if I started looking into it for too long.

    I suspect, once things are ticking along nicely and I am bored with the passive option, I will allocate some small percentage of my portfolio to be used with an active slant πŸ™‚

  7. Mr Zombie

    Hi Weenie, I agree. It would be a lot easier to start questioning your investments when things got tough if you had lots of individual investments to analyse and tweak.

    Time to start selecting my Monkey Stocks!

  8. Mr Zombie

    Hi FIbrarian,

    Same here, I started work just as the financial crisis was in full swing and only started investing after that, when things have been pretty dam sweet.

    I'm sticking my plan! To be honest I've barely looked at my accounts the last few weeks. I do have a peak at the indices most days to see whats going on out of interest, but that's mainly to have a look at what crazy man is speculating about the movements that day πŸ™‚

    I guess a big crash is 'inevitable' across our investing careers and we won't truly know how we'll react until it happens. I'll take the last couple of weeks as a test!

    Mr Z


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