2015 Goals: June Update

The first Sunday of the month and another chance to update my progress through the year to date.

Increase Net Worth – Target of 40% across the year
So to be on target I need to aim for an increase of approximately 2.8436156% a month –> ([1.4 ^ (1/12)] – 1) x 100 or 18.32% compounded to date.  This doesn’t include the equity in my house, it is ISA, Pension and cash only.

Net worth decreased by 0.12% but is up 24.96% since the start of the year.  Still ahead of my target, but it seems the ‘Grexit’ is playing with the markets a fair amount and will continue to do so.  All part of the territory but still not nice to have put in a whole month’s savings and feel like I have gone nowhere.  Probably feel better than Varoufakis though.

June 2015 Update
I wrote last month;

“Things still seem to be generally marching northwards in the markets, at least for my holdings.  What feels like an almost inevitable slowdown or correction may rear it’s ugly head soon, let’s see how chirpy I am when it happens.”
Could this be the start of some sort of correction?  Who knows, but it feels like this week could be interesting!
NW for the year to date is here.

Still a PASS

Savings rate – Target average of 60%
Savings rate for June was just below my target at 59.5%.  Not my best month, especially as I had a bonus and hoped to save it all.  Saved half of it and the other half went on wedding expenses.  July is going to be an expensive one with two stag dos (will they ever stop) and a wedding to go to.
The average for the year so far is 56.3%, up from 55.7%  last month, so slowly creeping up.  
What is most excellent is that saving more than 50% of my income is now the normal state of affairs, a habit that will hopefully continue.  I still want to hit the goal of 60%, but even if I miss the target for the year this goal has sharpened up my frugality skills.  And those are some skills that are worth having.
Savings rate to June
With the in month rate being above target I’ll take that as a pass for the month.


Cycling – Target 200 miles a month average
A terrible month (again!) with a wrecked back.  100 miles in the month.
909 miles for the year, a deficit of 291 miles to catch up on.  
It seems my body is against me, I thought it would be an easy-ish challenge as I put in 4,000 miles last year on the bike.  Ah well, there’s still time!


Mr Z  

6 thoughts on “2015 Goals: June Update

  1. nibbler

    > All part of the territory but still not nice to have put in a whole month's savings and feel like I have gone nowhere.

    I was left feeling just the same after working out my NW this month. After going sideways it is now trending downwards. I have to remind myself that it's an illusion and my savings aren't vanishing into a black hole, in fact I'm buying at lower prices than in previous months. Nice in theory, but hard in practice.

    Instead of tracking performance every month I switched to every six months last year, but that seems to make the volatility more noticeable. Maybe I should stop all together and take up needlecraft or something!

  2. B

    Good target over there and really ambitious one. I am envious that you are targeting a savings rate of 60%. If i can achieve half of that, I'll be a happy man.

  3. Dividend Drive

    Sounds like a pretty solid set of results to me. Your savings rate has certainly sat nicely above 50% which will serve you well. Obviously I am not surprised that you–like all of us–are aching a little after the Greek Crisis has reached fever pitch. I do hope it gets sorted soon for the sake of the Greek's themselves.

    In the meantime I have just kept plugging away with the investments. At least it has thrown up some nice bargains along the way.

    Keep up the good work and I hope your back gets better so you can start pulling that goal closer to its target!

  4. Mr Zombie

    🙂 thanks B. I'm lucky that my mortgage is pretty small (although that's part of living in a 2 bed terraced house I guess, haha).

    No kids (yet) also helps

    Mr Z

  5. Mr Zombie

    Thanks DD for the kind comments 🙂

    Yeah, the Greek situation is far worse for people living in Greece than me and my savings!

    But, good point on the bargains, for those of us saving, depressed prices can be positive as well 🙂

    Mr Z


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