2015 Goals: May Update

Every week on Sunday I pull together Mr Zombie Limited numbers and then put them up here once I month.  It is strangely therapeutic, sitting down with a cup of steaming coffee and cranking out some numbers in a spreadsheet that actually mean something, compared with doing it for the sake of it at work.   And this Sunday was no different, well a little different.  A morning spent updating the numbers and then the afternoon and evening at a heavy metal festival.  Ah bliss.   There were stories floating about of one band being so loud the day before that people passed out and suffered nose bleeds during their set.  Great stuff.

Increase Net Worth – Target of 40% across the year
So to be on target I need to aim for an increase of approximately 2.8436156% a month –> ([1.4 ^ (1/12)] – 1) x 100 or 15.05% compounded to date.  I’m not including the equity in my house here.

A slower month as I staggered along with the consumer driven Hordes.  I even found my way into the epicenter of it all one weekend, the town centre.  But given that my car broke (the door lock went so I had to get in and out via the boot like a lunatic), my bike snapped a spoke and I went on a stag I’m fairly happy with it.

Net worth increased by 1.27% in the month and 25.11% since the start of the year, so still ahead of target like a boss.
A pretty bar graph of my NW
Net Worth to End of May
As it is, most of the wealth (ignoring my residential property) sits within my company DC Pension scheme.  But I have set to work increasing my holdings outside of the pension scheme under the guise of flexibility and it’s starting to get a bit more prominent as we march onwards.
I should reach my target for this one by the end of the year, especially as most of the growth seen each month is through my contributions rather than any special stock picking powers. 

Things still seem to be generally marching northwards in the markets, at least for my holdings.  What feels like an almost inevitable slowdown or correction may rear it’s ugly head soon, let’s see how chirpy I am when it happens.     
NW for the year to date is here.

Still a smashing PASS

Savings rate – Target average of 60%
I changed the way I calculated my savings rate this month, as before I was including the employers portion in my saved amount but not in my income, so it was inflating my savings rate and making me feel like a hero.

Savings rate for May snuck in just over my target at 61.8%, up from 61.4% in April (get in!), despite fixing a broken car lock, a broken bike spoke and a mates stag do (admittedly mostly paid for in advance).
The average for the year so far is 55.7% but I’m going to have to cut back on the heavy metal festivals to make 60% by the end of the year.  I guess if the car lock goes again I will just have to get in and out of the boot for six months as that is more preferable to failing a challenge.
An exciting savings rate graph
Steady as she goes
With the in month rate being above target I’ll take that as a pass for the month.


Cycling – Target 200 miles a month average
It started off with the end of about 3 weeks of Flu and then a broken wheel.  Still, I managed to squeeze in 247 miles in the month, pretty much in the last two weeks.  At least I am getting up towards the 100 miles a week I thought I would, just not consistently.
I was at 562 miles at the end of April and now 809 miles for the year.  A deficit of 191 miles to catch up on.  
Let’s get in a nice solid 300 miles in June.

Hope every one is enjoying the howling winds and sideways rain (the type that penetrates your retinas) that the start of June has brought us here in the UK.

Mr Z  

9 thoughts on “2015 Goals: May Update

  1. Dividend Drive

    Pretty good going, Mr Z. I don't measure net worth in general because of that reason. If a correction occurs things look less rosy and thump your motivation. It also tells me nothing about how much progress I am making. If the dividends drop, of course, that certainly does tell me something!

    All in all, not a bad months progress! New spoke installed should mean you're back on your bike soon. I was recently nearly knocked clean off my bike by the winds you mentioned. Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all!

  2. ambertreeleaves

    Well ahead on the finacial goals. Good job.
    the cycling activity should get a boost now. (I should not speak: I have not biked/fitnessed foe montsh… I actually better stop reading FIRE blogs and get on my bike)
    Interesting to see that you take your compay pension plan into account. Ours is excluded as we can not access it. I might need to review that.

  3. Cerridwen

    I'm afraid the thing that impressed me most of all about your report was your obviously amazing powers of escape. Has no-one ever looked askance in Tesco's carpark? 🙂

    (But seriously, another good month :-))

  4. weenie

    Great update Mr Z and congrats on being ahead on two of your goals – in particular your net worth which you are blowing away. Great going on the cycling even though you are below on your overall mileage, 247 miles in the month is awesome!

  5. Mr Zombie

    Yeah when a correction occurs it's going to hurt, and out of my hands. I like tracking my net worth, but I do thing that setting a target for my NW could be a bit of a fallacy as it is out of my control.

    Wow! Completely knocked off your bike? That blows 🙂

  6. Mr Zombie

    Thanks amber 🙂

    Summers here! Apparently. Do it.

    Yeah I track it all, makes sense to 🙂 But you are right, I won't be getting my hands on it for ages yet.

  7. Mr Zombie

    Thanks Weenie, still find it weird that the cycling one has been the toughest so far. In a few months perhaps we'll see some P2P in there 🙂


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