Monthly Archives: June 2015

Asset Allocation 3: Allocate with a vengeance

My battle with sorting out my asset allocation is still in full swing.  Part 1 saw me getting over involved with the theory with little thought for practical implications.  Part 2, after some very helpful comments, witnessed an excellent flanking manoeuvre from myself in the form of a simplification of my approach. The various potsWhat I was inadvertently struggling with… Read more »

SWR 4%: An Investigation. Month 5

Recap Back to the beginning.  It’s now a whole five months into the experiment where Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio and just a little experiment for me, hopefully giving some insight on what it would actually be like through the ups and downs of living off an investment portfolio. Each… Read more »

2015 Goals: May Update

Every week on Sunday I pull together Mr Zombie Limited numbers and then put them up here once I month.  It is strangely therapeutic, sitting down with a cup of steaming coffee and cranking out some numbers in a spreadsheet that actually mean something, compared with doing it for the sake of it at work.   And this Sunday was no different, well… Read more »