A letter to the future Mr Z

Motivation is a fascinating thing.

At the start of a new pursuit, motivation is almost inevitably high.  Just finding out that Financial Independence is a ‘thing’ was enough to get me walking with a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye for a couple of months.  That died down soon enough and grannies stopped crossing the road to avoid me.

The initial motivation did carry on, just a little subdued.  The thing is, it’s easy to remain motivated when things are new.  It’s easy to carry on saving when the second month’s contribution increases your savings pot by 100%, that’s a sexy graph.  It’s easy to carry on saving while the markets are ticking upwards.

I imagine that in times of hardship, whatever they maybe, that motivational will start to wane.  If markets drop 30% in a year, it’s going to hurt, even though I know it will be an opportunity to buy cheap.  When something goes wrong with the house and a chunk of cash needs to be spent, it’s going to suck.  Moving house will be expensive, as will possibly having a sprog that I can impart all of my wisdom on. Unexpectedly losing my job or Mrs Z losing hers would not be nice.  And there’s a whole raft of other bad shit that could happen that is far worse than the above.

Recently investigating my asset allocation became as painful as inserting a catheter, it was all too easy to get bogged down in the detail of it all.  I turned into a greedy financial pig, worried I was missing out on some cool part of the market with a huge return.  And so forgetting what the end goal is, sweet as a peach Financial Independence.  Motivation did wane momentarily, but I carried on, using motivations great ally, momentum.  What a hero.

I am under no illusion though, the spell of motivation will soon wear off and my cloak of momentum, will soon wear thin.  I will be left on my own, with my motivational mana depleted.  Each and every month will feel start to feel the same.  Saving a significant proportion of my income will no longer seem to have the same impact, either on the growth of my financial freedom fund or in bridging the remaining gap to Financial Independence.

Progress will seem to slow, despite if anything the pace towards the goal finally starting to gain some exponential momentum.  It’s going to be a lonely time.  Just a lone reformed Finance Zombie, wandering through the financial apocalypse that every consumer driven maniac seems ecstatic with.  The task ahead will look gargantuan.  Around this point the task will feel the hardest, but if you can trudge on regardless, the rewards will be worth it.  Just like this chap.

So here it is, a letter forever in cyberspace to my future self.  Whenever times are getting tough I can read the letter, dry the tears from my eyes and then crack on with my motivational mana refilled.

A tearful read, perhaps.

Hopefully the spring in my step and that creepy glint in my eyes will return at that point.

Dear Future Tired and Demotivated Mr Z,
Feeling blue are we?  Feeling like the trek towards Financial Independence is getting too tough, too long, too arduous and giving you brain blisters?  Well, first off, grab yourself a glass of whisky and re-read rule #5.
Can you recall why you are saving so hard?  Or has the act itself just become habit, are you stumbling like a Finance Zombie once again?  Foolish lad.
Repeat “Spend Less, Save More and Escape The Horde” five times.
Remember that every single month you keep your savings rate nice and high you are another step closer to your goal, another hack forward with your financial machete through the jungle.  It’s slow progress, but necessarily slow as the trek to the plains of Financial Independence isn’t supposed to be an easy one!
If you have carried on with your plan compounding is becoming more and more of an ally in your battle against The Man.  Sure, when you started out, your savings were largely growing through your own financial barbarian like efforts.  Like a pug with it’s teeth and claws removed wearing a tuxedo, compounding was just a wee friendly ally at your side.  
Early compound interest
But that little fella has been growing each time you invest another significant proportion of your income.  Just look at him.  He is now [delete all but the appropriate] a scary pug with teeth growling at your side, a well trained Wookie, a ferocious manbearpig, a dragon, a fully manned aircraft carrier. 
Think back, remember the joy of discovering financial independence and realising that it’s not just for the super rich with trust funds.  Remember that once it is achieved you are free.  
But don’t look back too long, and certainly not in anger.  Look forwards as well.  You can take some off, travel, start a new occupation with little regard for the wage, grow your beard even more, join a metal band or work for a charity.  Whatever you want.  You won’t have to look at that report no one fucking cares about.  That’s for sure.
Working 9-5 just because that is ‘company policy’ will be no more.  FI will eradicate the need for that rather limited routine.  You can work, and more importantly live, on your own terms.  Once you are working for Mr Z Limited you won’t restrained by such bullshit.  You will even get paid to ride your bike all day if you want.
With Best Wishes
The Current Motivated Mr Z

8 thoughts on “A letter to the future Mr Z

  1. Dividend Drive

    Really nice idea. Of course, you're right that motivation is easy at the early stages of the process (as I am now). Something like this to keep the future you motivated will hopefully work!

    Good luck!

  2. Mr Zombie

    Thanks DD 🙂

    I don't know when it will happen, but I am pretty sure it will. Especially as it is a fairly lonely thing, not many people around you in 'real life' are really interested in it!

    Mr Z

  3. thefirestarter.co.uk

    Great letter, I will have to bookmark this one and come back to it in those dark times!!!

    Loving that spam comment above, how ironic that it sounds like it was written by a 7 year old and it is trying to flog essay writing services!?!?! Haha!!!

  4. David Clarke

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