Monthly Archives: May 2015

Microfinancing – a good way to donate?

It has been a pretty fucking sweet year at Chateau Zombie. I started a blog, started to get my financial shit together, sweated over asset allocations, got an article on rockstar finance (thanks to who nominated it), wrote a letter to myself, invented the financial independence RPG….. oh yeah and got engaged. But I can’t help noticing it has all… Read more »


The FIREstarter was kind enough to ask me a few questions over at Pretty awesome to be featured on one of the first FI blogs I started reading 🙂 So pop over, have a read and ask any questions! Mr Z

SWR 4%: An Investigation. Month 4

Recap It’s now a whole four months into the experiment where Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio and just a little experiment for me, hopefully giving some insight on what it would actually be like through the ups and downs of living off an investment portfolio. Each month I am going… Read more »