Two milestones reached

It’s been a busy week here at Chateau Zombie, the kind of week where unknown milestones are reached and crushed.

The first

Well alright, the blog hit 10,000 views in the last couple of days.  Surely I can’t be far off similar traffic to and the like.

Although I started this as a completely selfish thing, to try and sort out my savings and investment strategy and get started on the journey to FI, I am secretly pleased that I do get some traffic here.   It’s been awesome having people comment here, respond to my comments on other blogs and to connect with other bloggers over a common theme.  Far more inspiring than I thought it would be, thanks all! [especially you legends who have commented] 🙂

So here’s to the power of compounding (views).

The second
I have brought up the idea of early retirement a couple of times with Mrs Z.  Hey check out this guy Mr Money Mustache, he retired early, likes bikes and has facial hair.  Kind of like me. Or.  Check out this super cool graph.  Not really all that interested.

I went for it again this week.  

So I found this awesome tool called FIREcalc [don’t go into enthusiastic detail about how it works, she’s eating dinner, man] and plugged in our current savings and savings rate and our expected expenditure.  If we were to carry on like we are and retire in 10 years it said there was a 0% probability we would run out of money.

Boom!  She raised her eyebrows and looked at me.  We have interest!  The discussion continued.

Now while we’ve both been saving pretty hard the idea of early retirement was only really discussed in jest up until this point.

I think the turning point was during the conversation…

Mrs Z: “So we wouldn’t have to work ever again… that’s pretty cool, and I could do some charity work.  But, what if, say, we wanted to go on a skiing and snowboarding holiday?  That could cost thousands…”

Me:  “Well, we could get a job, doing whatever we pleased, and just use that money to go skiing.  Or we could just do a ski season.”

Mrs Z: “I’m in”

So it looks like we have buy in.  In all honesty Mrs Z is the true FI seeker.  A couple of years ago we were looking to move house, I was keen to max out on what we could afford, but Mrs Z was correct in saying that we didn’t want to be working in our 60s, or the weekends, just to pay off a house.  Perhaps she has been playing me all along…

This puts us in an awesome situation, both with the same long term goal.  We weren’t miles apart really, with Mrs Z being a natural saver, but the long term goal wasn’t necessarily aligned.  Like a lot of things, just hitting this head on earlier would have probably have been an easier approach.  Things change with time (new house, kids, potential to lose a job etc) but for now we are in a great place.

Have a good bank holiday weekend!

Mr Z – Hoarding to Escape the Horde

10 thoughts on “Two milestones reached

  1. Dividend Drive

    Wow! Well done! 10,000 views in about 7 months is pretty good going. I am not sure about Google, but I think your justified in claiming the Z in Mr Z doesn't just mean 'Zombie' but 'Zuckerberg'.

    I have been trying to spark Miss DD's interest in FI but to no avail as yet. I will keep plugging away like yourself until I can help her on her way to an FI epiphany!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  2. Retirement Investing Today

    Great to hear the better half is taking some interest. Even here in the UK with our tax and NI burden I believe 10 years to FI certainly looks doable. What proof do I have of that? Well when I first started I really didn't understand what was and wasn't possible but I'm now personally 7.5 years into my financial journey and I'm on for FI in 9 years. Provided Mr Market doesn't of course do anything crazy…

  3. ermine

    > A couple of years ago we were looking to move house, I was keen to max out on what we could afford,

    From observation too much house keeps a lot of wage-slaves in slavery for a long time. I took a stupendous hit from the housing market in the beginning, but towards the end of my working life I looked around the office and there were all these guys with far bigger and better houses – and the corresponding mortgages where I had paid my mortgage off. And even if they had paid off their houses, property would have been the largest part of their networth, paying only a dividend in kind – the ability to live in a great big house, and heat a big house, maintain it etc.

    So hats off to Mrs Z for calling this out.

  4. weenie

    Well done on the 10k views but also a big well done for getting Mrs Z interesting in the whole FI thing!

    You might want to think about moving out of Chateau Zombie though – heating it must be a bitch!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Cerridwen

    I understand why it was FireCalc's 0% prediction of running out of money that really got Mrs Z's attention. Concrete proof of concept. Until you can see, and understand, that for yourself FI just doesn't seem real.

    Great news that you're both working towards a common goal.

  6. Mr Zombie

    Hi RIT,
    Yeah I think it is doable, it's a long slog, but one that looks so worth it.
    9 years would be amazing, like you say Mr Market may have a fit in the future, but to be within touching distance is amazing.
    As I plow onwards with my savings plan I will be checking in with you for the next 18 months until I see the post "See you later suckers, FI achieved, I'm out of here!"

    Mr Z

  7. Mr Zombie

    It did stem from a bit of "conventional wisdom" from someone, that maxing out on what you can afford house wise is always the right thing to do…

    Like you say, Mrs Z is the one due the credit. I suspect she is engineering the whole thing somehow 🙂

    Mr Z


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