Unexpected Motivation #2

I love a bit of unexpected motivation.  It is most welcome on the long hike towards FI, where the malls of consumerism tower over us on either side with people far smarter than us tempting us to buy shit we don’t need.  It’s hard work being smug all the time.  I jest of course, but it can feel relentless at times.  An unsuspecting Finance Zombie may find themselves shambling through the malls if not careful.

Every now and we need the kind of motivation that leaps out of nowhere and slaps you in the face with a fish.

Both nuggets of motivation came from speaking to people at work (possibly why they were so potent).
The first
I was talking to a mate about savings and I was feeling a little arrogant when he ventured towards savings rates.  “I saved in excess of 50% of my income last month” I chirped.  
He patted me on the back and said that he managed to save 81% of his.  Wind,  Out.  Of.  My.  Sails.  I asked how and he looked puzzled and said he didn’t spend anything that month other than that on bills and food.  Perhaps it was an exaggeration, and an admitted one off from the man himself, still it was motivating.

The Second
I can’t remember exactly how it came about, it was in relation to someone’s ex.  The phrase they used came out of nowhere.
“Don’t be shit at life”
Fair one, not even smooth talking Barrack Obama could come up with such a gem in so few words.
Next time it’s cold and raining and I am struggling to get out of my slippers and onto the bike I will utter this under my breath and get on with it.  Somehow it seems more apt than Positive Mental Attitude.

8 thoughts on “Unexpected Motivation #2

  1. weenie

    Great post and so apt for the weekend where I was planning on remaining in my pyjamas pretty much all weekend! I will actually get out into the garden to get some fresh air!

    Plus, looks like you may have lots to share with your mate who saved over 81%, which is nothing short of spectacular!

    Anyway, have a great weekend!

  2. Huw

    Take some of that Mr Z! 🙂

    80% is bloody excellent and a stark reminder of what's possible, or how to exaggerate. You should also be pleased with 50%. You're well on your way with that approach.

    I would love to hear Barrack quote that saying by the way. It's a great point. It's message is similar to a great quote from Jim Rohn – "Don't wish life life were easier, wish you were better". I love that one!

    Have a great weekend Mr Z!

  3. Theres Value

    I can totally imagine old Barry Obama saying it, have you ever heard him say 'youtube'? it sounds like 'YO toob' LOLZ

    totally awesome phrase to stick on your bedside cabinet: 'DON'T BE SHIT AT LIFE' – I actually find that very encouraging, since it's fun as well as giving you a kick up the arse at the same time.

    I once heard of this guy say that he had never taken a day off sick his entire life, he just had that attitude that you get up and go to work, no ifs, no buts. What a DUDE!

    I bet your colleague was lying through his f*cking teeth when he said he saved over 81% – does that include pension contributions? Salary sacrifice? If so, maybe he wasn't lying.

  4. Mr Zombie

    Hi Huw,

    Yeah, anything in excess of 50% is absolutely smashing it.

    Nice quote! I like it. Just had a quick google of Jim Rohn, seems like a bit of a legend. You read any of his books?

    Mr Z

  5. Mr Zombie

    Hey TV,
    Yep – and a kick up the arse is what I definitely need from time to time!

    That's pretty impressive! Wasn't my old man was it? I never remember him being sick from work…he must have been at some point though!

    Yeah, I was a little dubious. I think it did include both of them and he had a lodger and someone paying to store stuff at his while they went travelling for a month. I think possible…just…if you spent nothing else at all…I may try and see what it will be again in the future…see if it was a one off or he is the british FrugalWoods!

    Mr Z


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