The Financial Independence RPG

Who doesn’t love a long drawn out Role Playing Game like Skyrim?  Given the long drawn out adventure that is chasing FI, I present to you the levels of the Financial Independence RPG.

You could look at the progression as what % your current Freedom Fund is of your required total.

If I take my NW (not including residential property equity) I am at 9.3% of a NW of £625k.  This puts me as a Finance Half Zombie.

I think the descriptions are spot on;

Level 0 – A Finance Zombie
Your eyes are sunken, you’re shambling along driven only by lattes and the desire to consume.  And you smell terrible.

Level 1 – A Finance Half Zombie
Something is happening deep in the recesses of your brain.  New neurons begin to fire, making you confused.  You groan a fair bit.  Not consuming makes you angry.  Yet spending less makes you warm and fuzzy and you are strangely protective over the beginnings of your financial nugget.

Level 2 – A Finance Barbarian
Getting to grips with this whole personal finance thing.  Your tools might be a bit basic and approach heavy handed, but my my you are smashing your way forwards as best you can.  All gusto and no finesse.

Level 3 – Thrift Warrior
You have replaced the financial head butts and slinging fecal matter of the Financial Barbarian with an axe and some under garments (braving the financial winds naked is cold and not a good look when talking to your broker).  You are battering expenses steadily lower with more refined tools and building that financial nugget.

Level 4 – The Hoarding Dwarf
Yes!  Yes!  Hoard that gold.  The pile is getting substantial now and you are stubborn enough that you will fight the Tax Man or Mr Market to the death to protect it.  Nice beard.

Level 5 – Dividend Halfling
Your financial nugget, your precious, is growing nicely.  And along with it your passive income.  Driven by frugality you live under a mound of dirt.

Level 6 – An Asset Allocating Assassin
You smirk at Mr Market’s peverse attacks at your wealth in the short term, with a practiced steely gaze fixed on the long term FI horizon you meditate towards the Gods of Diversification.

Level 7 – Berserker of Frugality
Expenses are terrified of you.  To see you berserk some expenses into the ground is both a beautiful and terrible thing.  Salesmen are always suspiciously busy when you are about.

Level 8 – Compounding Ninja
Judo chopping consumerism in the back of the head, eye gouging your expenses, sneaking by the Tax Man and flinging asset ninja stars at Mr Market with confidence.  Momentum is truly with you now.

Level 9 – Sorcerer of Passive Income
You cast financial spells like it’s no big thing.  There are so many passive income streams up your diversified sorcerer’s sleeve that the Tax Man and Mr Market have conceded to your brilliance and just let you get on with it.

Level 10 – Alchemist of Personal Finance
Sat in a basement and cackling away to the light of an old coal powered laptop you mix up superb concoctions of frugality and investing that are propel you towards Financial Independence.  It’s so close you can taste it (or is that the coal fumes?).

Level FI – The Finance Anti-Zombie, The Financial Samurai, A Mustachian, An Escape Artist, A Simple Living Hero
The Cure is yours, you can now escape the Horde.  Good on you!

What level are you?

Spend less, save more & Escape the Horde

Mr Z

11 thoughts on “The Financial Independence RPG

  1. weenie

    Haha, great post – I'm a WoW player, never played Skyrim but have played various RPGs in the past so really appreciate and understand the analogy!

    Currently, I'd say I'm at level 2, the Finance Barbarian (I'm at 14% of my Future Fund). How apt the description as there is no finesse to my investing as I've only just developed (still developing in fact) my strategy so ploughing onwards to see how things turn out.

    I'm not sure I would aspire to get past Level 10 – although epic, I'm not going for extreme!

  2. No More Waffles

    Haha, this had me laughing, Mr. Z! Being an avid RPG player – more of a Fallout than a Skyrim fan though – I liked the descriptions a lot.

    Even though I'm only at level 3, I feel like I'm at level FI already. I've got everything down, the only thing left to do is let time pass and I'm sure financial independence will be achieved.


  3. Mr Zombie

    Hi TV,
    Good work! I get the feeling that as the snowball grows and grows you'll accelerate much quicker towards the end goal in the last few years. Can't wait!

  4. Mr Zombie

    NMW, glad you enjoyed 🙂 Fallout was ace. Dying Light is pretty epic.

    Yeah, I think if you set up good habits then like you say, it's just a matter of time until FI is yours!

  5. Retirement Investing Today

    I'm at Level 9 A Sorcerer of Passive Income.

    "You cast financial spells like it's no big thing" is a pretty good description. Investing really does come pretty naturally and easily now.

    "There are so many passive income streams up your diversified sorcerer's sleeve that the Tax Man and Mr Market have conceded to your brilliance and just let you get on with it" I would question a little. I wouldn't say I have so many passive income streams but the dividend and interest one's I do have are doing well enough.

  6. Mr Zombie

    Hi RIT,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I saw on your blog you are 18 months away, great work! Will almost be surreal, I imagine, once that goal is within 12 months.

    Mr Z


    Well my original goal was £250k and then top up the rest of my expenses with some fun part time work so on that account I am just over 15% (£78K / 2 as it's a joint NW – ) which would make me a Finance Barbarian as well! 🙂

    However with my new plan of downshifting ASAP I am not sure where I would fit within this framework, I am gaining 33% of my time back so does that bump me up to 15% plus 33% = 48% = The Dividend Halfing?! 🙂

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