Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mr Zombie’s three steps to getting started on the righteous path to FI

So you have been exploring the ever expanding web of the internet. Just exploring the ‘net Perhaps completely by random, or perhaps you are actively looking to spruce up your retirement savings, you stumble across the concepts of Financial Independence and Financial Freedom. That once concrete ideology of working until you are 65 and then retiring is in jeopardy, it… Read more »

Volatile Projections: Part 2

In my last behemoth I postulated about getting some volatility into your projections of your fund, a useful tool in checking potential future variations in your progress towards a financial goal.  Be it Financial Independence or some other savings goal.Normal DistributionI started in Part 1 by using the uniform distribution as a base to generate random numbers from, which were… Read more »

Progression for progressions sake

progression prəˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n/ noun 1. the process of developing gradually towards a more advanced state Progression for progressions sake…this is something that I have succumbed to in the past, and I’m sure will again in the future. My problem is that progress is quick at the beginning of a new pursuit and so the positive feedback received from the activity is… Read more »

SWR 4%: An Investigation. Month 2.

Recap It’s now two months into the experiment proper, a a long 3 months ago that Mr Z in Parallel Universe Number 1 went ballistic and pulled the trigger on early retirement.  This is a completely fictitious portfolio and just a little experiment for me, hopefully giving some insight on what it would actually be like living through the ups and downs of living… Read more »