And back to reality

Mr Zombie   February 16, 2015   5 Comments on And back to reality

Holiday is over
I am just back from a weeks holiday.  Imagine, once you reach Financial Independence it’s what your life would be like ALL THE TIME.

Admittedly this isn’t quite true, as against all the rules of spending less and saving more I went snowboarding in the Alps for a week.  And it was ace.  But expensive.

It did make me realise that I need to be a little careful in accelerating towards FI before being ready for it.  Cutting back on lifestyle spending is good, but it still needs to be a balance.  I don’t think we should get to a point where we are cutting spending for the sake of it, especially if we start to resent it.  We only live once after all, and hurtling down a mountain is too much fun to miss.  Perhaps engineering a move to colder climes would be good (Canada & France look ace), so that excursions to the mountains wouldn’t be so damn expensive.

It would be good to go on a ‘big’ holiday like this every year, but that’s £1,000 (approximately) spooged away on an ‘experience’ when it could be saved.  Is this necessarily a bad thing though?  As long as I can still hit my savings and NW target for the year, then I think not :).   So, best start saving for next years trip…

After a weeks worth of spending it’s time to sit cross legged in my garden and repeat “Spend less, save more and escape the Horde” over and over.

Mr Z

5 thoughts on “And back to reality

  1. weenie

    Hey Mr Z
    When I started seriously saving for FI last year, I decided that holidays were not going to be one of the things I would sacrifice. So, I always have at least one big holiday a year (sometimes two) – to afford this, I've just cut back on a lot of other things that I am willing to sacrifice.

    So no, I don't think it's a bad thing especially if you can afford it AND still be able to save towards your goal.

  2. Mr Zombie

    Hi weenie,
    I agree, I did wonder if I could cut down on it. But it would be a sacrifice too far. And you can still go on some amazing holidays for pretty cheap!

    Hopefully I can fit in 6 holidays this year and still hit my goals 🙂

    Mr Z


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