2015 Goals: January 2015

Progress on 2015 goals will be updated monthly.  A bit of accountability never hurt anyone, take note Enron.

I write this to you with a severe case of the ManFlu,  I expect my Purple Heart is in the post.

Increase Net Worth – Target of 40% across the year
So to be on target I need to aim for an increase of approximately 2.8436156% a month –> ([1.4 ^ (1/12)] – 1) x 100.

When you break it down it doesn’t seem so scary.. that’s only 0.09222667709% per day –> ([1.4 ^ (1/365)] – 1) x 100.

A good start to the year with net worth increasing by 3.9%, off the back of a good savings rate and some equity tailwind.  (Where NW does not include my residential property).


Savings rate – Target average of 60%
I set myself a pretty tough goal for 2015 of aiming for a savings rate of 60%, given that I had historically been hovering around 50% like a strange hovering thing.

January was a pretty good month on the savings rate front.  I hit 56.3%, so off to a strong start but there is work to be done, I left my method of calculating the savings rate the same, despite a bit of investigating.  I wanted to put 100% of my in month raise towards savings, but it wasn’t as high as it could have been as there was a few bits to pay off from early January,  professional subscriptions being one and they are incoherently EXPENSIVE.


Cycling – Target 200 miles a month average
Stupid fat hobbit, you’ve only hit 80 miles.

This was to be expected though as much of January has been in the gym or on the Turbo Trainer.  Fingers crossed I can hit much higher than this as it gets lighter in the mornings and evenings.  After all, what use is a pile of cash if you are unhealthy.  February is going to be much the same, so will have some serious catching up to do.


Like a bag of nuts, it was a bit of a mixed month in January.  Mr Z Ltd page has been updated.

I need to feed this carcass some paracetamol.

Mr Z  (Bleurrgggghh)

15 thoughts on “2015 Goals: January 2015

  1. Living cheap in London

    I only started cycling on 7th January & still notched up 260 miles. You need to build up your bad-assity MMM style!!! Commuting on my bike 10 miles each way 3 days a week is most of my total 🙂

    Charge up those batteries…. cycling with the dawn chorus is some of the best cycling to be had.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  2. Mr Zombie

    Hey UTMT,

    For now not too much. From March onwards it should pick up a bit and by April (injuries permitting) I am entering a (short) weekly Time Trial.

    A club ride of 40-60 miles at the weekend coupled with some training in the week and a weekly race should put me at 100 miles a week for as long as my body holds up 🙂

  3. Mr Zombie

    Hi LCiL,

    Good going there! 260 miles in Jan is awesome work!

    Yeah, I did quite a few 5am jaunts before work last year and it was awesome. But that was March to May while training for an event. Without an event on the horizon I'm not sure I will be able to drag my body out of bed that early, haha.

    Although, what is stupid, I have been spending quite a few evenings on my turbo trainer. In the garden. In the rain/sleet. Fool of a Took.

  4. weenie

    Well done on achieving the Net Worth goal and brilliant savings rate, just marginally missing it!

    The cycling though…best of luck with that, that's a tough one but Spring is round the corner so perhaps will be easier!

    Anyway, hope you get well soon!

  5. Mr Zombie

    Haha, yep. Only because I can't be bothered to battle traffic in the dark and it makes such a racket I feel bad using it in the house. I need a garage!

    Thanks you!

  6. Mr Zombie

    Hey Tawcan, yeah I am chuffed with a good start to the year. It is bolstered by company pension contributions and the fact we have a small mortgage. But ssshhhhh, no one needs to know that.

    Mr Z

  7. Huw

    Hi Mr Z,

    I hope you're starting to feel better now after your spell of Zombie Flu. Is that worse than 'Man flu' or on par?

    Congrats on the 4% increase in Net worth, very solid for a months work. Your saving rate is still strong. I class anything over 50% as good, and yours was closer to 60%.I like the cycling goal too. Very specific. I hope you're able to move ahead of your goals in Feb.

    Rest up!


  8. Mr Zombie

    Hi Huw,
    It's far far worse 🙂

    Thanks! 60% is the goal, but you are right. Anything above 50% is a great months work.

    February is going to be a slow one on that front, I've been off the bike for a week after tweaking my back in the gym (got a PB on squat though!) and I'm away next week. Nothing like a challenge, right? How are you? Back to training properly?

    Mr Z

  9. Vawt

    We are targeting similar net worth (30%) and savings rates (65%) for 2015, I am surprised Moneystepper didn't put us in the same group. I am enjoying checking out what is going on with everyone that is participating in the challenge.

    Good luck with the goals, I will be rooting for you.

  10. Mr Zombie

    Hi Vawt, thanks for the comment. Sorry about the late reply, I've been out the country for a week.

    Yeah, I'm not 100% on how the groups were split for the challenge.

    Same to you!

    Mr Z

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