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Introducing some volatility into your projections: Part 1

[Disclaimer – Apologies in advance, this has turned into a bit of a beast.  There is a photo of a dog wearing boots and a hat at the end, so focus.] We all love a good Financial Independence projection spreadsheet, even if it is one created on the sly whilst at work. My projections come in a variety of complexities…. Read more »


Mr Zombie   February 18, 2015   13 Comments on Book1.xlsx

At work the mind can often wander.  Sat at my desk, supping on a tea, it can find tangents upon tangents within a trail of thinly linked ideas.  And as of late this quite frequently follows the path towards thoughts of Financial Independence and all the wondrous things that orbit about it.  Thoughts of the endless choices of asset allocation…. Read more »

And back to reality

Mr Zombie   February 16, 2015   5 Comments on And back to reality

Holiday is overI am just back from a weeks holiday.  Imagine, once you reach Financial Independence it’s what your life would be like ALL THE TIME. Admittedly this isn’t quite true, as against all the rules of spending less and saving more I went snowboarding in the Alps for a week.  And it was ace.  But expensive. It did make… Read more »