First Day Back

Mr Zombie   January 6, 2015   4 Comments on First Day Back

First day back at the mines yesterday after the Christmas break and I stumbled across a dose of unexpected motivation.  The sneaky little fella was hiding out just by the coffee machine and caught me by surprise.  I nearly judo chopped him it was so unexpected.

While waiting for the kettle to boil and doing my best to avoid eye contact or inane conversation with a couple of people in the same room I listened to them chirp away to one another.

Zombie 1 – I caught up on the last series of Homeland over the holidays.

Zombie 2 – Oh yeah, was it any good?

Zombie 1 – Yeah it was bang-a-lang-a-ding-dong good.

Zombie 2 – That good?

Zombie 1 – Yeah, thankfully.  The weather was so miserable the last couple of weeks that without it, I would have had nothing to do.

Zombie 2 – That’s smash-tastic.  Ah well back to the grind stone eh?  Hopefully this coffee will help with the January blues.

I’m paraphrasing, a little, of course.

The weather has been a bit cold and there has been some rain, but nothing a rain jacket or some proper cycling gear wouldn’t see off.  I have been out and about over the holiday and, not at one point, did I think I would perish from the elements.  Perhaps us PF/FI types are made of sturdier stuff?  I do have a layer of fur and hooves but that shouldn’t make a difference should it?

They were so sad to get back to work and it was a reminder of how so many people’s only escape is TV.  The zombies no nothing of us secret FI seeking types, squirreling away to escape the drudgery.  I have my bad times at work, get pissed off with office politics and hate the rigidity of the 9 to 5.  But it is there to serve a purpose, it allows me to use my human capital to generate an income.  If I spend less than I earn of this income I can save the excess, propelling myself towards Financial Independence.

Why did I find motivation here when it should have been depressing?  I suppose it was a nice wee reminder that spending less and saving more is the right path, and I have started my commitment to it.  As my financial nugget grows I could use the income to go part time with no loss in earnings or eventually take the leap and escape the Horde.

It did remind me a of a post from the FIREstarter about whether or not you are in the Financial Independence closet.  I could have said to them “Come on lads, it doesn’t have to be like this”.  And then blow their minds off the hinges by pointing them the way of some quality PF/FI blogs.  But I am in the closet so I just finished making my tea.

Strange where motivation can come from, isn’t it?  The journey towards FI is a long one, so I will take it where I can.

Besides, it made up for trying to use mouth wash as shower gel in the morning.

Spend less, save more and escape the Horde.

Mr Z

4 thoughts on “First Day Back

  1. Huw

    Well said Mr Z! (That was a nice rhyme)

    It is reassuring to know you're on the right path. Even when you're certain your doing the right thing, it doesn't make the process easy, and we all need to get motivation from somewhere. It's funny, I get a kick from hearing other people suffer (not in a bad way). I mean, when I'm struggling with something, and I hear or see someone struggling as well it makes me feel much better and give me a bit of juice. Am I alone here?

    Thanks for the reminder either way!


  2. Mr Zombie

    Hi Huw,

    I agree. I don't think it's a bad thing, it just helps to re focus the mind a wee bit, especially when the going is tough (your job is grinding you down or you really fancy a new carbon fibre bike)

    Mr Z

  3. Theres Value

    Man, you make me laugh so much. Funny also, because I had a similar situation at work. I actually found a kitchenette in our building yesterday. Now, I say 'kitchenette', but it's more like a cupboard with a microwave bolted to the bottom of it. Anyway, my colleague didn't even tell me about it until yesterday, so it's no wonder I didn't find it. Little does he know I'm squirreling away my not-very-hard-earned cash and bringing in lunches from now on! He's the guy who 'couldn't afford to put money into a pension' but can afford to buy sandwiches for breakfast AND lunch… yeah, I know who'se gonna be FI before whom!


  4. Mr Zombie

    Hey TV,
    Haha yeah, seems to be a lot of complaints around not being able to save (normally said while sucking down a star bucks latte!).
    Can't wait to see the look on their face when the notice is handed in and FI is achieved!
    Mr Z


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