Financial Freedomium – buy back some time

Building a financial nugget large enough to gain your financial independence is all about time and freedom.  Freedom to make choices and having the time to pursue these choices.

Time is a constant from the millionaires to the paupers (although perhaps not Doc Brown).  Building a significant financial nugget can’t stop time or generate more hours in the day but it can be used to buy time.  As the passive income generating capacity of our savings exponentially grow, so too does it’s power to buy time.  Is your financial nugget chugging out one days worth of expenses a month?  Then that’s one day, a month, forever, that you have bought your financial freedom.  While the fools around you are plowing money into Audi’s and designer teacups you are buying the one commodity no one thought you could.  Time.

The frugal hero who saves and nurtures their financial nugget so that their passive income allows them to go part time and only work four days a week, has bought one day a week for the rest of their life.  That’s one day to be used how they see fit.  They may choose to pursue a passion, like photography or writing.  It could be a relaxing day at home, catching up on bits and pieces.  They may want to dress their pug up as a hobbit and take the fella to the local park and act out highly detailed scenes from Lord of The Rings.  It’s their choice.

A financially free pug

When we are young and just out of college, time stretches out before us, seemingly towards infinity.  We are happy to spend a day in front of the computer or watching back to back Friends episodes in our pants.  I guess this is part of the reason that so few of us, me included, fail to save when we are younger.  Our time on the earth is heavily weighted in front of us, so why not try and complete Skyrim or watch Dawn of the Dead again.

As we get older, time becomes more precious, and life can feel increasingly cramped as we try to squeeze the most out of it.  Work, hobbies, chores and family all fight to try and get a piece of our time.  Completing Skyrim is definitely out of the question now.  But we can buy ourselves some time!  Sure it’s a tough road, a long path, a treacherous lane, a slippery street…you get the point, but the rewards are worth it.

We may choose to grow our financial nugget all the way until the passive income generated is enough for independence.  You could choose to use this income for luxuries, but oh no, not you, you frugal warrior.  You use it to buy all of your future time.  Like a radioactive isotope slinging it’s radioactive subatomic particles into the abyss, our wee financial nugget emits a passive income.  It’s got a long half-life and it’s going to be around for the long run.  The radioactive passive income is used to batter The Man away and let you buy back some time.  Now, to buy a pug and a Gandalf costume.

Take one thing away from today – there is a new element in town.  Financial Freedomium*  It’s rare, but it can be yours.

What would your passive income emitting radioactive element be?

Spend less, save more and escape the Horde

Mr Z

*Financial Freedomium
Half life: 10,000 years
Activity £25,000/year
Radiation Type: Passive Income
Stability: Dependent upon asset allocation split
Hazards: None

4 thoughts on “Financial Freedomium – buy back some time

  1. No More Waffles

    Mr. Zombie,

    Even though I have a pretty busy schedule, I'm happy to report I "completed" (read: finished the main quest) of Skyrim for the fourth time just last weekend! 🙂


  2. Lenny

    Hi Mr Zombie, just to say that I absolutely love your blog. I found it on a link from RTE (which I also enjoy) and have spent the last few days reading through your posts. It's inspired me to begin my own journey and your point about breaking it down to a day of freedom at a time have convinced me to open Excel and get crunching the numbers.

    Also, I hope you don't mind but I have stolen your sign off mantra to keep me motivated.


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