2015: Locked, Loaded & Ready

Strewth, that was quite a last couple of weeks to end 2014.  It saw Ms Z and I belting it back and forth across the country a few times chasing Christmas dinners, me starting a new website and a weeks holiday away.

And we got engaged! SAY WHAT!? Ayooooooooooooo. 😀

Saving for a wedding is going to make it all even tougher, but I’m sure it’s possible.  Just got to stay motivated by reading the other great PF/FI blogs out there, carry on posting on here and remaining accountable.  A huge thank you to any one who has read and commented on this blog so far, it really really helps.  You are all legends.

I’ve added a couple of new pages to this here blog, to keep track of things for the belter of the year that is 2015.

Net Worth 
I have set myself a couple of NW based goals for 2015 and I am looking to update on these once a month. Hopefully this will serve to make me spend less and save more through 2015 and speed up the journey towards FI :).  As another form of motivation I am signed up to Moneystepper’s 2015 challenge.

So here is the starting position for Mr Zombie Limited.

The goal for 2015 is to increase my net worth by 40%, which is coupled with an overall target savings rate of 60%.  Both are going to be tough, but I’m feeling positive.

I’ll keep running totals and averages on this page.

Mr Z in parallel universe number 1 is well on his way to FI and we saw him hand in his notice last month (what a lad).  To make things easy I have assumed;

  • Any taxes, expenses etc will come out of the ‘salary’ that Mr Z is taking, which will be £25k for 2015.
  • Mr Z worked his notice period in November and spend every single penny of his last months salary.  So the market movements plus interest and distributions in December give us the starting position.
  • He will also spend every single penny of December’s salary and will then drawdown what he needs at the end of January.
  • He will carry on spending every single penny of his monthly £2,083 drawdown (the poor lad is sick of saving) and not reduce or increase his expenditure to reflect the conditions.  Equally he won’t get any income from any other type of employment (the poor fella is sick of work).  

Clear as mud, right?

The position at the end of the year is;

The last month of the year was pretty tough and the markets dropped, leaving poor old Mr Z about £3k worse off.

I will update progress on this monthly on this page.

I’m hoping that by updating this each month it will force me to think about asset management a bit more, the choices that would need to be made once you are living off your financial nugget and stimulate some discussion on the subject 🙂

I’m feeling pumped for 2015, to see the progress against my goals, to see how Mr Z gets on in the parallel universe and to see where this blog goes.

Thanks again for reading and commenting.

Spend less, save more and escape the Horde.

Mr Z

7 thoughts on “2015: Locked, Loaded & Ready

  1. Cerridwen

    Many congratulations from me too and I'm looking forward to reading about your progress in 2015 and also that of your virtual twin – interesting experiment 🙂

  2. Huw

    Hi Mr Z,

    First of all Congratulations on the engagement. Cracking news to start the year!

    You have a great base to start your Net worth too, with a substantial sum in your pension and home equity. I like your ambition for the increase in 2015.

    I wish you the best of luck with it and I'll be sure to keep an eye on your progress.


  3. M

    omg 2014 was an epic year for you man! You got engaged, cloned yourself, and put your clone into a parallel universe! way to go!

    What on earth will you accomplish this year?!


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