Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Lazy Consumerist and the Industrious FI Seeker

There was once a Lazy Consumerist without a care in the world. He enjoyed spending, splashing the cash and putting pictures on Facebook of his expensive holidays.  One day, while hooning about in one of his heavily financed BMW’s, he noticed his busy cousin saving hard. ‘Silly cousin, you toil so hard when you could be enjoying yourself.  Why save… Read more »

Financial Freedomium – buy back some time

Building a financial nugget large enough to gain your financial independence is all about time and freedom.  Freedom to make choices and having the time to pursue these choices. Time is a constant from the millionaires to the paupers (although perhaps not Doc Brown).  Building a significant financial nugget can’t stop time or generate more hours in the day but… Read more »

Just how do you calculate your savings rate?

Since I started up a savings and retirement blog, with a focus on early retirement and financial independence I have calculated my savings rate the same way.  Like The Rock lining up for a bare knuckle brawl with Danny DeVeto, I never gave it a second thought.  That was until, crying while cutting onions one evening, my mind drifted to… Read more »