The Zombie Factor

Mr Zombie   December 4, 2014   1 Comment on The Zombie Factor

Sunken eyes.  No sense of direction.  Shuffling along with the pack.  Then you are a Finance Zombie.   One of the horde, stumbling towards a minuscule state pension whilst keeping up with lifestyle inflation.

I was one of these Finance Zombies, shackled to my desk, saving a bit here and there and looking towards quitting work at 65 (or what ever was the socially accepted answer set by the government).  It’s really easy to sink into the same routine as everyone else.  Get a job, buy a nice car, get a big house and then work until you are too old to work anymore.  Horde mentality.  Why not retire earlier?  At 60, 50 or even 40. It’s possible. There is a cure, have a look at this legend.  A bit too extreme? Sure beats cracking the whip until you’re 65.

Anyway, why retire.  It’s all about that sweet Financial Independence.  The ability to leave your job and relax if you want to.  The opportunity to do some travelling or volunteering, or make a career change to something more enjoyable, that pays less.  Why not work in Finance until you are 40, then move on to an easier career that you enjoy, with a nice financial nugget in tow.

Too many people put off saving for retirement until a later date.  I can’t afford to save at the moment, I need a BMW.  These same people will be the ones that are angry when retirement isn’t what they thought it would be.  Angry at the government (because they have paid taxes their whole life probably).  Angry at others who have been smarter and saved that much more.  Angry at themselves. But most of all angry at their BMW.

Reduce your spending, increase the amount you save and increase your income.  And repeat.  Get financially leaner.  Get out of the stupid horde mentality.

That’s something like my plan for now.  On the outside, I will carry on looking like a Finance Zombie, sure.  But look a little closer, go on.  Those are some old work clothes.  And that’s one old car, could I afford a better one?  Yep.  But that money is much better being invested, compounding and working away for me.  I’m working an office job 9-5, casting my spells in Excel, smiling at the office banter and chirping away in meetings.  Generally shuffling about like a good Finance Zombie.  Because what do zombies do to people who aren’t one of them?  They eat their brains and turn them.
Come join me.

Mr Z

One thought on “The Zombie Factor


    Ha ha, this concept is slightly scary! I need to watch out for Zombies in my next management meeting!

    Good luck with escaping the herd, and I hope you manage to save a few lost souls around you on the way.


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