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Any ever feel like they are flat out all the time?  Physically, mentally and moneyally (just go with it).

It might be partly because since starting writing about my money I’m more aware of what I’m spending or because all the stag dos, weddings and paying for a skiing holiday up front (first world problems, right) are catching up with me.  Moneyally obviously.

For the last few months I have been paying off credit cards (chill out, it’s on a 0% deal), buying a few Christmas presents or paying upfront for a couple of up coming holidays to get the on the cheeeeep cheeeep.

I had a quick look at how much I have been spending on the above, and combined with my current 53% savings rate it accounts for 67% of my take home pay.  And it’s not like I’ve felt like I’m living like a pauper, there’s been no chewing on gravel pretending it’s sirloin, no going through bins for Christmas presents or chasing the neighbours cat round the garden for banter.

Living the high life  
I hardly live like a king.  But I think I could cut back a bit.  It’s felt harder with the extra money going on credit cards and the such,  but it would probably feel easier knowing the pain was for additional saving.  Somewhere in the middle would be good.

A few extra percent going into savings would mean cutting back on the holidays and caviar, but it would bring Financial Independence two years closer by my quick calculations.  Not bad!

Time to chase a cat round the garden

Mr Z

2 thoughts on “FLAT OUT

  1. M

    Omg man I'm crying with laughter. I never knew FI blogging could be so hilarious. You're right about all of the above of course, and chasing cats is actually pretty fun entertainment.



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