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Projecting your Financial Nugget

One of the first steps on your path to Financial Independence is working out how much you will need to save to make that a reality.  This is primarily driven by your assumed expenditure rate.  Reducing this will reduce the total you need to save and bring FI closer. Then we can look at when we expect to accumulate the… Read more »

SWR 4%: An investigation. Day 0

While munching on a bacon sandwich and sucking down some tea I was pondering the 4% withdrawal rate.  Would I be brave enough to trust it? Lets rip through the fabric of reality into a parallel universe (where creepily the markets are exactly the same).  Mr Zombie has spent less, saved more and has come to the conclusion that now… Read more »

Net Worth calculation

I mentioned one of my goals for 2015 was Net Worth based, so just how do you calculate your Net Worth?  It’s really just your assets less your liabilities…simple right? There’s no one way to calculate it, here’s how I look at it. At a high level I look at the NW calculation in the same way as a company… Read more »

Escaping the horde: Figuring out your required Financial Independence fund

One of the first steps in planning your financial independence, your escape from being a Finance Zombie, is estimating how much you will need in retirement. But how do you estimate this?  I asked some friends, one thought for a couple of minutes and then said confidently at least two million.  Another £500k.  Another £250k.  Pretty wide ranging bunch of… Read more »

The Zombie Factor

Mr Zombie   December 4, 2014   1 Comment on The Zombie Factor

Sunken eyes.  No sense of direction.  Shuffling along with the pack.  Then you are a Finance Zombie.   One of the horde, stumbling towards a minuscule state pension whilst keeping up with lifestyle inflation. I was one of these Finance Zombies, shackled to my desk, saving a bit here and there and looking towards quitting work at 65 (or what… Read more »

You skrimpy bastard

Part of the whole financial independence malarkay is gaining control of your spending.  Cutting down on the shit you don’t need.  The new golf clubs.  The new surfboard.  An Xbox One (yes please).  A new hobby. But not all the timeThere are certain things I won’t go cheap on. GlassesThese bad boys perch upon my face most days and a… Read more »


Mr Zombie   December 1, 2014   2 Comments on FLAT OUT

Any ever feel like they are flat out all the time?  Physically, mentally and moneyally (just go with it). It might be partly because since starting writing about my money I’m more aware of what I’m spending or because all the stag dos, weddings and paying for a skiing holiday up front (first world problems, right) are catching up with… Read more »