A little bit about me, Mr Z

Hello.  I am Mr Zombie (my real name obviously), 32 and living in the West Country in the UK.

I was bumbling towards retirement with no  real focus, no real goal.  Like many, contributing towards a company pension scheme, maxing out the company contributions but doing no more than this.

Then I came across a few personal finance blogs;

These really opened my peepers to the possibility of Financial Independence (FI) before I’m ancient and the notion of passive investing.  You should have a look at the above links are they really are ace.

So I started this blog to sort a few things out in my head.

At the beginning I’m going to just try and sort out a strategy that will get me on the way.  I will try to be as honest as possible, and if my chirping on the blog seems borderline schizophrenic that’s because I’m constantly learning and changing my views on the best way for me to achieve FI.

Writing out my plans on this blog helps me to try and get some order to my thoughts and ultimately if it helps me or anyone else towards FI then that is a grand thing.  It also allows me to progress my strategy, it’s so easy to get bogged down in the complexity of investing and planning and just to give up.  Being accountable for my monthly net worth and savings rate going forwards into 2015 will hopefully let me capture some more motivation.

FI for me isn’t retiring at 50, but having the option to.  At the moment, I don’t mind work.  But it can be stressful, and it’s unnecessary stress that work tends to develop.  Is anything bad really going to happen if my report misses it’s deadline by a day or two?  Probably not.  Does it really matter if I would rather work from a coffee shop or on my living room floor for a day?  It shouldn’t!  If I can be in the position where my investments (be it property, equity, cash, my own business etc) are turning over enough income for me to live off then work becomes optional.  And that looks like a good thing!  Who knows what opportunities will present themselves when work becomes optional 🙂
I’m in for the long haul.
Mr Z
(I’m not a qualified Financial Adviser, so don’t go investing based on what I am chirping about, DYOR!)

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