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Motivation, the wee beastie

A post by the Financial Samurai got me thinking about motivation. Motivation is a fickle wee beastie.  It is a sneaky beastie that is hard to track down and even harder to capture (it’s angry and poisonous some say). Motivation…probably Motivation comes in peaks and troughs for work, study, physical challenges etc.I always found it easier to get the motivation… Read more »

A frugal Zombie?

Mr Zombie   November 16, 2014   1 Comment on A frugal Zombie?

In my oh so distant first post I mentioned the fact that I had read a few personal finance blogs and wasn’t engaged if they were 100% frugality focused. Something about reusing tea bags. Initially my focus was on where money was going to be invested. What super cool assets would monies be rammed into. I’m not the most frugal… Read more »

How much is healthy?

The startThis all started when I had a look a calculating Mrs Zombie’s and my Net Worth, more out of interest than a rare moment of maturity. The gods of uncertainty aligned and I stumbled across a couple of personal finance blogs not long after doing this.  They mentioned fantastic concepts like Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Passive Investing along with… Read more »

A little bit about me, Mr Z

Hello.  I am Mr Zombie (my real name obviously), 32 and living in the West Country in the UK. I was bumbling towards retirement with no  real focus, no real goal.  Like many, contributing towards a company pension scheme, maxing out the company contributions but doing no more than this. Then I came across a few personal finance blogs; These… Read more »