Monthly Archives: October 2014

The formative savings years (the accumulation phase and getting some momentum)

After some thoughts on getting the savings ball rolling,  I did me some thinking. We all know that compounding is a glorious thing, but when does it start to matter?  Let’s look at Barry the Zombie, who is saving £100 a month and invests this all at the end of each year.  Go on Barry! The assumptions Starting with some… Read more »

Getting started is so freaking tough

False start Just thinking about saving regularly makes some people angry or sick.  Especially if it is a new venture, it reduces our income for nothing really.  Or it can feel like nothing.  And it’s easy to keep false starting. Know yourself.  I will spend everything in my current account if it’s there, so straight away on pay day I… Read more »

Ker-ching – the cash plan

The first, and easiest thing to sort out is surely your cash holding. Sort it out mateI had been fairly guilty of leaving my savings in wack accounts that weren’t at the best rates.  Even with £10k in savings, it can seem more hassle than it’s worth setting up new accounts to get an extra 0.5% in interest a year,… Read more »

Come on, let’s have it. Financial Independence by 50

In a previous post I had a look at how exactly where I was headed, if I was to carry on as I was and change nothing. Depending on the assumptions it looked like I could get my independence somewhere between 58 and 69, assuming that funds of £1million would be sufficient.  I’m going to ignore state benefits through all… Read more »

Time to get real. How much will this Zombie get in retirement?

So in an earlier post I had a look at my current Net Wealth and decided to remove my residential property from this.  Now I want to have at look at where my NW is headed, if I change nothing. To keep things simple this will include; – £1,000 per month into cash savings only– 20% of my salary into… Read more »