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A slice of Zombie Pie

Mr Zombie   September 27, 2014   1 Comment on A slice of Zombie Pie

So as mentioned, I decided it’s time to get my financial sh*t together.  Starting by looking at my current net wealth with a Pie Chart (and then it’s ability to earn me some sweet sweet passive income.) Mmmmm pie I’ve quickly had a look at my finances and asset allocation.   On first calculation it looks a little something like… Read more »

Mr Zombie   September 25, 2014   1 Comment on

It’s time to get serious, I’m serialLike many in their late 20’s or early 30’s I’ve started a few times to look at retirement planning, creating multiple spreadsheets each more complicated and mind blowing than the last, but it always came to the same false crescendo…  I would stop looking at it after a couple of weeks, and then when… Read more »