A Rough Life

Mr Zombie   June 20, 2017   5 Comments on A Rough Life

He is awoken from slumber by a repetitive beeping.  Rolling over, he silences the alarm for exactly ten minutes.  He’s tired. 10 peaceful minutes pass, then he climbs out from a warm cocoon made of blanket and mattress to an indoor atmosphere, perfectly heated to a cosy 21 degrees celsius.  Swings his bare feet onto plush carpet and yawns.  Another… Read more »

Safe Withdrawal Rate Experiment – Month 30 – June 2017

So I’ve been running an experimental portfolio for, blimey, nearly two and a half years now.  The idea was to start with a fund of £625k and then withdraw 4% annually, in monthly instalments, just to see what happens.  The would give someone £25,000 a year to live off. Historic investigations concluded that a 4% withdrawal rate gives a reasonable chance… Read more »

Financial Independence RPG: Update

Finance Zombie - Thrift Warrior

Gawd Dammit!  Somewhere in my unintended break from writing I crossed over a major threshold.  Oh yes, that’s right, I levelled up in the FI RPG. My continued savings efforts have rewarded by an upgrade from Level 2: A Finance Barbarian, to Level 3: A Thrift Warrior.  How awesome. And what exactly is a thrift warrior? You have replaced the financial head butts… Read more »

Savings Diary: April 2017 Update

Like a Kraken breaching the surface, I return. I’ve set myself a couple of financial goals in order to track my progress to Financial Independence.  Keep It Simple Shithead, and all that. The most important of these is tracking my savings rate.  Tracking it and, of course, setting a challenging target.  Something like 60%.  Then, once that becomes normality, I’ll… Read more »

Saving: It Works

My pile of savings has been steadily increasing over the last two and a half years, since deciding that a life in the office was an increasingly bleak prospect I began to financially engineer an escape. The omnipresent oppression of the corporate life hasn’t quite got me down yet, but when my knees finally buckle under its pressure I want… Read more »

The Experiment Catch Up

Over here at the industrious Zombie Towers we have been running an investigation.  An investigation into the toilet habits of skiving office workers.  What’s that?  A different investigation?  Ok, fine… Over two years ago we set up an example portfolio, with annual withdrawals set at 4% of the starting value and increasing by inflation each yeah and we’ve let it… Read more »